Translation of cockney in Spanish:


cockney, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɑkni//ˈkɒkni/


  • 1

    (masculine and feminine) cockney

    persona nacida en el East End de Londres, tradicionalmente de clase obrera

  • 2

    cockney (rhyming slang) argot utilizado por los cockneys en el que se sustituye una palabra determinada por otra palabra o locución que rime con ella


  • 1

    • This, as far as we can tell, means ‘he is the luckiest cockney in the world’.
    • Even a born-and-bred cockney could understand the published, mongrel Scots-English version.
    • He has a quavering, affected English accent, which the actor perhaps imagines to be that of a cheeky cockney.
    • This is usually cited as evidence of British fortitude - the attitude exemplified by cockneys in the heavily bombed East End who told Winston Churchill, ‘We can take it, but give it 'em back.’
    • In the debate, the cockney cannily picked Derek, the professional speechwriter, to be on his side.
    • One of our lads was a cockney and only lived half-a-mile from the camp.
    • A cockney by birth, he signed for United as a trainee in 1991.
    • He is a garrulous cockney from the old school of tabloid journalism.
    • Step back another half-century and you find a different scene: a highly transient place inhabited by up to 150,000 Jewish immigrants, with poverty rife among cockneys.
    • In the comic, the main character is a blond cockney, modelled on a rock musician.
    • Most of the town are displaced cockneys getting away from the smoke of London.
    • We checked out a favorite old movie starring a bunch of hapless cockneys trying to nick some gold in Italy.
    • The ebullient cockney was very worried about his protégé, the man he has called the best fighter he ever worked with.
    • This presents an interesting opportunity for me to recapture the peculiar shock I felt when I first heard a massed choir of cockneys singing the song.
    • His fellow crims are cockneys too, and Danny was raised amongst these people.
    • The writer was a cockney through and through, and the story behind his creation is a particularly novel one.
    • Granddad was the son of a cockney who settled in Canada in the 19th century and set up a bakery.
    • It's the composer's musical valentine to London, the city of cockneys and kings.
    • A cockney by birth, he had been apprenticed to an engraver and had only become a soldier as a volunteer in the invasion scare of 1800.