Translation of code in Spanish:


clave, n.

Pronunciation /kəʊd//koʊd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(cipher)

      clave feminine
      código masculine
      to break a code descifrar una clave / un código
      • in code en clave
      • The code is given in figure 1a, and an example conversion is shown in figure 1b.
      • I often figured out codes long before the characters did, which was annoying.
      • She rubbed her temple, trying to figure out the code before her, when she heard a knock at the door.
      • These include the letters, written in code, which are said to make clear she was in favour of inflicting pain on her enemies.
      • They were the high-level diplomatic and military codes, the kind of which had never been cracked.
      • The spread of mobile telephones and even the use of secret words or codes show that secrecy is essential to close deals or pass on information.
      • Codes and great historical figures go together like the author of a certain fantastical thriller involving Leonardo da Vinci has shown.
      • If he gave us accurate predictions of the future as a reward for figuring out the code, we are to believe he expects us not to use it to our advantage?
      • He eventually figures out the code when he absent-mindedly reads the general's doodling on a pad.
      • Cryptography is the enciphering and deciphering of messages in secret code or cipher.
      • Some of the neoconservatives in the Pentagon had let it slip to him that they had broken the country's diplomatic codes.
      • We are still trying to figure out what the codes mean, but we feel we are very close to cracking it.
      • She played a key role in the recruitment and briefing of agents, and became an expert writer of letters in code.
      • The most well-known example is the breaking of the Japanese diplomatic and military codes before and during WWII.
      • She turned and began again to figure the codes, and another plan to get out of this cellar.
      • After Evan figures out the code to a mysterious paper that Lisa picks up, they head towards mayhem.
      • Alongside the body are a series of baffling codes, which Langdon is asked to decipher.
      • It was in her language, it was just a different code to the written words.
      • He is writing letters in code, there would be no reason for that unless he had something to hide.
      • And if they can break the code on even one message, we're sunk.

    • 1.2(for identification)

      código masculine
      • The first two letters represent a regional code, the two numbers represent the year and the last three letters are random.
      • Currently, companies are the smallest army element to be routinely assigned unit identification codes.
      • If approved, the server sends back an activation code.
      • With a pre-assigned code, you can send documents to a queue, then access them for printing at any time, such as at hotel and airport business centers.
      • We are seeing boats coming in from all over the world with manufacturer identification codes assigned by their country of origin.
      • An e-voter would go to one site to register and would then be issued with the pass codes to vote in secrecy at another site.
      • The machine beeped in recognition of the code and the numbers flashed momentarily across the screen.
      • The scientist nimbly punched a short combo and a green light acknowledged a correct code.
      • The officer turned to face a terminal, inserting an identicard and entering a series of codes.
      • They are commonly represented by a single letter code where the index represents the absorption maximum.
      • The next second, I punch in the code to check my messages.
      • Not only had I managed to follow the guard I even figured out what the code was.
      • The man rapidly typed a code into a security system and a loud buzzing sound signaled the door's release.
      • Biometric identifiers are digital codes that cannot be used to reconstitute your image or fingerprint.
      • They never got to the end, though, because they never figured out the last code to open the 7 gates.
      • I picked up the phone, punching in the code to hear our messages.
      • I registered with them today and apparently it takes 7 days for them to send through the activation code.
      • Responses were recorded, assigned a letter code, and calculated using frequencies and percentages.
      • The magazine sent us the access code to view its upcoming issue, which I believe will hit the news-stands on Tuesday.
      • Games are activated by sending an access code to the company with an Internet connection.

    • 1.3Computing

      código masculine
      • Hackers gain secret control of the computers by sending e-mail viruses and worms or by planting software code on web sites.
      • They could access the underlying code and tweak the program at will.
      • The trick, of course, would be inserting the rogue code into the host program in the first place.
      • Using this drag-and-drop methodology, users can create program code with minimal user input or understanding.
      • Indeed if ever there was a case for the open sourcing of program code then this is it.
      • Nobody studies the old code, and nobody figures out where it is inefficient and why, and as a consequence programs are often buggy and less stable.
      • He adds that progress on debugging code is a tad slow, pointing to threads you can find on this bulletin board.
      • We had to program in assembly code and call a play routine every vertical blank.
      • Wait a minute, I'm a software engineer… why not look at their code and try to figure out some of their major weaknesses.
      • The answer is 609,000 and this is the number of lines of code in the software for the computers and avionics systems.
      • If the malware inside this ZIP file is opened, the Trojan may attempt to download more malicious code from a pre-programmed list of websites.
      • Once infected with the code, the computer sends the same message to other contacts in the instant-messenger list.
      • It allows Delphi and C++ programmers to compile code to either operating system.
      • The code then downloads spyware programs to surfers' PCs, including one that steals credit card numbers and other forms of financial information.
      • Errors from programming code and malformed html can keep the search engine robots from indexing your web pages.
      • Early programmers worked in native computer code or machine language.
      • He encouraged people to look at his program and modify it for their own needs and to send him their code to add to the system.
      • This is the process that analyzes an HTML document in comparison to standard HTML rules, identifying errors and non-standard codes.
      • Millions of lines of software code are involved, and we haven't even gotten to matters like billing and maintenance.
      • This time it was traced to a college student in Romania who had also left obvious clues to his identity in the code.

    • 1.4Telecommunications

      código masculine
      prefijo masculine

  • 2

    • 2.1(social, moral)

      código masculine
      code of honor código de honor
      • code of practice/conduct código de práctica/conducta
      • moral code código de ética
      • Why have ethical codes not figured prominently in discussions of the peer review process?
      • The nations that survive and prosper and become world powers are the ones that adhere to strict moral codes.
      • Chandelor wanted his so-called knights to have honor, a moral code of ethics, things with which tradition would expect.
      • In almost every case the wrongdoing is by a few since most people operate according to high moral codes whatever the degree of disorganization.
      • The actors of today are simply too pretty and too vacant to depict the men and women of sterner days and stricter moral codes.
      • The rigid social, moral and behavioural codes imposed by the group included severe restrictions on women's freedom of movement, expression and association.
      • A sly and sophisticated writer, he could always get around the code of silence with indirection.
      • To be worthy of that love, he adopted a strict code of moral conduct.
      • The gentlemen's code also served to limit aggressive behavior after the battle.
      • I know, the old moral codes weren't painless either.
      • The suggestion seems to be that they offer him a sense of family and belonging, and that he identifies with their dubious code of loyalty.
      • For one thing, it means that we can have different codes of morality, one code for the public self, the other for the private self.
      • I applaud both the concept of a code of ethics by which industry members are bound, and the revamping of the disciplinary process.
      • They have their own code of morals and honor, just like anyone else.
      • When people are designing their own religions and their own moral codes, is it any shock that they're designing their own politics, too?
      • Religion has as much to do with the furnishing of moral and ethical codes as it does with non-natural explanations of the origins of the universe.
      • While today we may disagree with some of the wording or even the concepts in this early code of ethics, few would disagree with its intent or its essence.
      • Use of these drugs is routinely equated with socially degraded status and participation in activities indicative of the code of the streets.
      • We need each other, but women have always been the ones to set the moral codes, to keep men and their children on the right track.
      • The code dictated concepts such as loyalty, honor and virtue.

    • 2.2Law

      código masculine
      the Napoleonic Code el código napoleónico
      • Civil law and commercial law derive from the French, while the penal code is influenced by the British model.
      • The constitution, the penal code, and international and human rights conventions are the only guide to what is acceptable and what is not.
      • Influenced by popular discontent with much of the judiciary, Napoleon attempted to write a statutory code that was essentially judge-proof.
      • When he put up a tricolour atop his factory, the police slapped a case on him for violating the flag code.
      • It would be perfectly possible for a criminal code to provide separate crimes of negligence, with lower maximum sentences, at appropriate points in the hierarchy of offences.
      • In many states, there is a criminal code which tabulates criminal offences.
      • With compliance to building codes a given, the real question on many projects is whether it is worthwhile to go beyond code requirements.
      • The difficult concept of ‘adverse possession’ of private property appears in both codes in a nearly identical manner.
      • The penal code does not criminalize such conduct, and would be clearly unconstitutional if it did.
      • In order to conform to strict fire codes the employer shall have the right to conduct safety inspections and fire drills at the employees home at any time.
      • Despite the stark words of the various codes regulating ministerial and MSP conduct, the MSPs of various parties will let the First Minister off.
      • You look and see what principles have been established in prior cases rather than just referring to a piece of legislation or a code.
      • He submitted that implementation of planning permissions was not dealt with by the statutory code.
      • The Muslim minority views the code as an indirect abrogation of their cultural freedom.
      • In Warwick, only 75 miles away, these activities are all deemed acceptable farming uses under the zoning code.
      • Under the doctrine of breach of statutory duty some regulatory codes may give rise to civil liability when breached.
      • Under the old code, mothers were assigned priority in matters of child custody, and fathers were granted visiting rights.
      • Dissidence, even active, is not war and the normal criminal and civil codes of law still apply.
      • With the growing power of the state, statutory tenure codes were drawn up by centralized governments, reflecting the values and interests of the state.
      • This is itself a judicial interpolation into the statutory code.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (message/letter) cifrar
    (letter/message) poner en clave
    • It is an awareness of how language codes the way we view the world, and how membership in various communities influences our understanding of the world.
    • Three-fourths of the message has already been deciphered, but the remaining fourth has apparently been coded in an entirely different way.
    • The package enables audio traffic - such as a phone conversation - to be coded as data, sent down an internet connection and then decoded at the other end.
    • There were little clues, like the fact that messages often started with a weather report, or the fact that Enigma never ever coded a given letter as itself.
    • But markets only respond to messages coded in the language of prices.
    • Sometimes the information she communicates is coded or covert - where exactly the missing animal may be found, for instance.
    • Not only may they be purposely babbling and coding their conversations to confuse the eavesdroppers, but there are also the complexities of language itself.
    • Thus the hats contain a message coded in the manner in which they are worn.
    • Places carry meanings and are coded with narrative significances, and these built-in values are useful to writers.
    • Given that the messages are claimed to be coded, it would seem that network editing is unlikely to pick them out.
  • 2

    (give identifying number, mark)
    (documents/items) codificar
    Computing (instructions/information) codificar
    • All sections were coded to prevent identification of the probe type or setting used.
    • Documents show that this money appears to have been on deposit in the account, coded A / A40.
    • Instruments were coded with an identification number to track and follow up with non respondents.
    • Paintings will be coded with serial numbers and will come with a receipt to prove authenticity.
    • The athlete watches the official seal both bottles, which are coded with a number rather than a name.
    • Behaviors and conversation were noted and were coded by using the theoretical framework of enduring and suffering and comforting.
    • Type and severity of maltreatment were coded using the maltreatment classification system developed by Barnett et al.
    • All audit observations should be coded by type and significance, and all audits catalogued by scope and quality.
    • A nurse brought us a large number of test tubes, each one coded with a secret number so that we could not tell which contained fructose and which contained glucose.
    • Prior to coding, the names of speakers were removed (as were explicit references to the names of the parties themselves).
    • When you think of high technology, you probably imagine a software engineer sitting behind a computer, coding some new program.
    • When we code a computer program, we do not rewrite the entire thing every time something fails to work.
    • Questionnaires were anonymous, coded by a unique number rather than by name.
    • The transcribed statements were coded according to general themes that emerged.
    • Each source quoted or paraphrased was coded separately, and all of a source's statements in an article were taken into account when applying coding categories.
    • Today while working on a design for a small project I'm doing, I coded a JavaScript image rollover for the first time in at least a year, maybe two.
    • I didn't find it a difficult exam, but then I've been coding Windows Forms since Visual Basic 4 back in 1997.
    • Similarly, alcohol-related words were coded as 1 and nonalcohol words coded as 0.
    • The samples were coded so that the identity of the individual was not known to the person carrying out the tests.
    • They were also taperecorded, but were not transcribed for analysis since interviewers coded respondents' answers to all questions during the interview.
    • If you code your medicines, be sure these identifications are included on any medicine record you use.
    • New software for the state health care authority is being coded in part in India.
    • For each question, those students that replied affirmatively were coded with the value 1.
    • Response envelopes were coded with the hospital identification number to protect confidentiality.
    • A person named Nguyen O'Brien will be coded Vietnamese, not Irish.