Translation of coffee cake in Spanish:

coffee cake

bizcocho con fruta seca, n.


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    (in US)
    bizcocho con fruta seca
    plum cake masculine Spain
    • There were coffee cakes, Popsicles and peanut butter cookies.
    • Whenever I've had relationships that are solely sexual, they've crumbled faster than a dry coffee cake.
    • The end result looks more like a coffee cake than a bread.
    • Breakfast, as per her request, consisted of butter streusel coffee cake.
    • ‘Take some cake instead,’ said Eloise sweetly, offering him some of her coffee cake.
    • And if there is still room for sweets, the restaurant offers a wide range of cakes: cheese, apple, fruit, marble and coffee cake.
    • You might, for example, make a coffee cake with chocolate in it.
    • I'd predict that scents like coffee cake and Belgian waffles would be popular for general home fragrancing.
    • The blueberry-cream cheese coffee cake is worth making up for with a lighter lunch or dinner, I can assure you.
    • I made a blueberry tart yesterday and we have a blueberry coffee cake cooling down as we speak.
    • Ann took a fancy to the coffee cake but was worried that it might have been dry.
    • Praise was showered upon me for the cardamom coffee cake, challah, rolls, pesto pizza, etc…
    • I had a large bag of walnuts left over from another Nancy recipe experience: the walnut coffee cake that didn't cook all the way through.
    • She thanked the old lady for her wonderful coffee cake and for letting her stay in her house to wait for Andrew.
    • If it's anything like all of those Sunday School Teacher Appreciation breakfasts I attended growing up, there will be plenty of sour cream coffee cake for everyone.
    • The resulting cake was simply wonderful, fine-crumbed and moist, and reminded me a lot of the coffee cakes I like to make.
    • The coffee cake they sent us home with was just the thing for breakfast the next morning.
    • They fill their plates with slices of lavender-scented pound cake, streusel-topped coffee cake, lemon buttermilk bundt cake, and a rich chocolate cake.
    • I reached across the table and grabbed a piece of the coffee cake.
    • With New Jersey blueberries selling for 99 cents at my local grocery store, I've been making coffee cake with blueberries in it.
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    (in UK)
    pastel de café masculine