Translation of cog in Spanish:


diente, n.

Pronunciation /kɒɡ//kɑɡ/


  • 1

    diente masculine
    • Then, if you put on the other wheel and rode it awhile, that chain would wear out some cogs on that wheel as well.
    • ‘I quickly realised that I was not cut out to be a cog in a wheel and that I wanted to try to run the show,’ she says.
    • Nobody wants to be a cog in a wheel, and this is even truer for people who work for your new systematized business.
    • This calls for a variation of the regular cogged wheel, using one wheel that has the cogs on the inside.
    • It's OK to be a cog in the wheel and not every college in the world is looking for somebody that's been a leader across the board.
    • It would make me anxious if I was just a cog in a PR wheel, but I don't think that's the case at all.
    • ‘We're obviously proud every time Germany wins and like to think we're making a small contribution as small cogs in the big wheel,’ he said.
    • He is not a man who fits easily as a cog into the corporate wheel - he defies his superiors and returns to the case as a freelancer.
    • The machine worked by having a wheel with cogs which was prevented from spinning by a pair of metal leaves which moved up and down.
    • In brief, he misjudged the relationship of both the cog and the wheel.
    • They assume that each worker is not a unique individual, but rather a cog in the wheel.
    • Is it really the duty of a minor cog in a big wheel to take a stand and risk the consequences?
    • ‘What we are doing won't change the world but it's a small cog in a big wheel,’ he explained.
    • A manager that treats his reports as cogs in a wheel is guaranteed to get the performance of a cog in a wheel.
    • It took only a generation or two for assembly line workers to accept being cogs in a wheel, unable to imagine it could be any other way.
    • I always knew that I was the tiniest cog in the wheel.
    • Are we to be mercilessly reduced to cogs in the wheels of medical care systems over which we have lost all control?
    • Generally, they're paid a very small amount as a very small cog in a big wheel, if you like.
    • Sure, the stock market remains a critical cog in the wheel of the U.S. financial system.
    • We all saw ourselves as small cogs in a big wheel, with no control over our own lives.
  • 2

    piñón masculine
    rueda dentada feminine
    • The wheels and cogs in Darcy's head began to spin madly.
    • We are a little cog in a huge machine and the machine is changing.
    • Assuming the gear size is the same, is the 53/23 more efficient because the chain is on a larger tooth cog?
    • Your thumb pushes the lever forward to achieve a lower gear (a bigger cog / smaller chainring).
    • A 13-26 cog set should be sufficient (if you need more than a 26-tooth cog, it may be time to start running).
    • I am not very creative and prefer to be given a starting point, something to set the squeaky little cogs moving.
    • He eventually lost the battle with the bag and the little cog at the back of the gears snapped.
    • I imagine it must be like a game of Mousetrap in there, all cogs and levers, ball bearings and little plastic men diving into baths.
    • I don't really feel like I'm comfortable with the notion that I'm a valuable cog in the Big Machine though.
    • At this point the cogs in my head started to turn and I almost died trying to keep a straight face.
    • The other major difference is that the downshifts come one at a time, so a run from the 23-tooth cog down to the 12 will take eight clicks, and a few seconds.
    • This sort of regulation has induced stereotyped thinking in most officers, who themselves became cogs in the mechanically streamlined military machine.
    • Will a 14 tooth first position cog be available for the bike?
    • The cogs are kept in motion mostly by the energy of the sunlight captured by photosynthetic organisms.
    • The difference engine was envisaged as a mechanical machine, with brass cogs and moving pistons, to be powered by turning a crank or by steam.
    • Sometimes being a small cog in a big machine is not so bad.
    • The man began to morph, turning into a cog with harsh slicing edges, an authority, a crushing piece of machinery.
    • It is up to him to sacrifice himself, no longer the hub of Arsenal's wheel, but a cog in the machine.
    • The machine wouldn't run so well if all its little cogs weren't turning smoothly.
    • You said you checked for it, but it seems likely that the chain is being pinched between the jockey wheel and the cog.