Translation of cohere in Spanish:


formar una unidad, v.

Pronunciation /koʊˈhɪr//kə(ʊ)ˈhɪə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (form unit)
    formar una unidad
    • Perhaps their relationship cohered in an earlier version of the screenplay, but in the film it's hard to guess how.
    • While the sensuousness of the recording's sounds gives it an immediate visceral appeal, it's the manner by which it coheres into a compositional whole that impresses most of all.
    • This live set coheres so well that it's hard to believe these two could have been doing anything but paying full attention to one another.
    • Clearly, he has pursued a research program that has cohered around a common theme: the political and economic strategies of elites in ancient or traditional societies.
    • Clusters of sketches within each episode cohered around clear themes: nostalgia and television in episode 3 or political correctness in episode 9.
    • This CD is a hodgepodge of elements that never cohere to become anything.
    • To cohere, the United States must ‘identify and build a common culture that overrides all of our particularities.’
    • At a first stage, a group coheres thanks to family bonds, religious consensus, and the leadership of an individual of outstanding capabilities.
    • They make sure the verbal and visual elements of the story cohere.
    • Every seemingly insignificant, color-coded fragment of the picture's makeup coheres into a satisfying whole.
    • This fourth season was the first time the writers felt secure enough in their fan base to begin including these inside jokes regularly, and it coheres much more than any previous season.
    • How the multiple terms of this work cohere depends on the viewer's individual experience and perception as much as on the artist's suggestion.
    • While the individual essays are well written and interesting, they do not address human nature and its deeper implications, nor do they cohere very well as a collection.
    • For example, I can hum large stretches of the Rhapsody without having to work at it, which for me means that it coheres.
    • The swarm of insectile buzzing quickly cohered and built to a climax until it, too, was gone forever - without fadeout or explanation.
    • The driving motif around which Dostoevsky's life and work cohere is not the conflict between ‘reason and irrational faith.’
    • The extent to which it all coheres is still a matter for debate.
    • Everything here is so much more precisely and deliberately laid out that it all coheres a lot more then in the deliberately non-coherent cartoon.
    • He presents a noble, principled defence of the cooperative movement which coheres into a highly readable text.
    • Nevertheless, the movement coheres and says what it needs to without resorting to rhetorical inflation.
  • 2

    (be consistent)
    (arguments/reasons) ser coherente
    (reasons/arguments) ser congruente
    to cohere with sth ser coherente / congruente con algo