Translation of cold-hearted in Spanish:


frío, adj.

Pronunciation /kəʊldˈhɑːtɪd//ˌkoʊldˈhɑrdəd/


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    • He comes across as harsh and cold-hearted, but is not afraid to show Keel's warmer side if need be.
    • It's hard to empathise with a cold-hearted man who, in developing the electric chair, first practised on household pets.
    • But every man wants home to be a safe refuge from the cold-hearted world.
    • Police made the gruesome discovery a few days later and soon arrested the cold-hearted woman after piecing together the sorry story.
    • Before Logan came into my life, all those rumours you probably heard about me being a cold-hearted and uncaring cheerleader were all true.
    • Surely this wasn't the cold-hearted harpy that had spurned my affections.
    • Officers say these people are the ‘lowest of the low’, and that even seasoned criminals will condemn their cold-hearted behaviour.
    • Nothing wrong with that, a cold-hearted capitalist might argue.
    • Why does it surprise anyone that a company involved in a cruel business would act in a cruel, cold-hearted manner?
    • Before you think that I sound cold-hearted and callous, I want to point out that I've worked with the handicapped before.
    • You want cold-hearted, single, Ferrari-driving professionals.
    • I couldn't believe how cold-hearted my own mother was being.
    • American women were conservative back then, and they thought this man was cold-hearted and so they did not vote for him and he almost lost.
    • From his first appearance, Waugh wore the air of the silent but deadly gunslinger, a steely-eyed, cold-hearted winner.
    • At first, we thought that the world was too cold-hearted.
    • I didn't want him to be the cold-hearted stranger he had been earlier… I wanted his laughter, his warmth.
    • Just to show we are not the cold-hearted, ambulance-chasers of popular myth we have brought you some good news this week.
    • He dispels the well-travelled myth that, in order to achieve, successful individuals must be cold-hearted and clinical.
    • It's a move that is so cold-hearted and so profoundly dishonorable that it could only have been made by people who have lost all moral direction.
    • Scotland hasn't produced too many cold-hearted sportsmen with the killer's instinct for an awful long time.