Translation of cold cream in Spanish:

cold cream

crema limpiadora, n.


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    crema limpiadora feminine
    crema de limpieza feminine
    cold cream feminine
    • Divers rummaging here have found bottles of cold cream, canisters of celluloid photographic film, silver salt cellars, printing stamps, shaving kits and lead soldiers.
    • Removing the makeup was quick-it came right off with cold cream.
    • Stella's only response is to apply more cold cream.
    • You can also take any white skin cream you have on hand - cold cream will do - and mix in enough red pepper to turn it pink.
    • For those in a rush, you can always remove the day's make-up and grime with cold cream, then softly exfoliate the face with a baby's soft toothbrush.
    • She applied cold cream to her face and washed the white make-up off, and then she undid her hair from the bun.
    • In addition to the aforementioned miracle cream, I have also been putting cold cream on before I go to bed and in a last ditch effort to moisturize from the inside out, I have taken to drinking about 20 glasses of water a day.
    • The latest travesty in jazzed up cold cream will make your skin ‘happier’.
    • Paul, have you used any cold cream or make-up remover to take that stuff off?
    • Faces were gleaming with cold cream and you tootled off to your allocated shelter in the pitch dark, and before you got there the ‘all clear’ went.
    • Stage a production on your bathroom countertop to make stars out of dull extras, such as soaps, cotton balls, and cold cream.
    • Our first view of her couldn't be less flattering, appearing as she does with face covered in cold cream, hair taped back, and cigarette in hand.
    • The reports identified a number of daunting problems the firm would have to face in its efforts to sell cold cream abroad.
    • Every winter in Pune, my skin would go dry and I would have to apply vaseline or some cold cream to my lips and face.
    • Professional make-up can be hard to apply and even harder to remove - the best method is frequently old-fashioned cold cream, such as Pond's Cold Cream cleanser, followed by a gentle toner such as Neutrogena's Alcohol-Free Toner.
    • Anything petroleum based (vaseline, hand lotion, cold cream, other things) will very quickly dissolve little holes in the latex of a condom and can make it break.
    • Many a woman gets by with a plain jar of cold cream.