Translation of collaborate in Spanish:


colaborar, v.

Pronunciation /kəˈlæbəˌreɪt//kəˈlabəreɪt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (work together)
    • Fourteen of the region's agencies have collaborated to help develop projects.
    • For a time Shahn and Evans collaborated on a film project, unfortunately it was never executed.
    • I once collaborated with Whalley on a book about the Eden Project and can vouch for his attention to detail.
    • They discovered they worked well together when collaborating on projects for the same clients.
    • Both had jointly funded numerous equipment initiatives and had collaborated in many research projects within the university.
    • Was Transverberations very much a solo project, or have you collaborated with other musicians during the creative process?
    • I collaborated with a music video director, brainstorming for storylines and visuals to go with songs.
    • She has collaborated with countless writers, activists, artists and institutions.
    • Finally, dietitians also saw their role as collaborating with physical activity professionals.
    • We thank the Directorate of Health Services, Government of Goa, which has collaborated with the project from its inception.
    • Carol King collaborated with the band on the lyrics.
    • For that project, they collaborated with Parker and members of her lab.
    • Sometimes thousands of miles and a few oceans kept them from collaborating on large-scale projects, but they remained in contact.
    • He has also collaborated with many international musicians on their recordings, including maestro bamboo flute player Deepak Ram.
    • However, despite its limitations the Council of Europe became involved in many cultural, economic, and scientific activities, and collaborates with various other international organizations including the EU.
    • Mr Russell said more and more students were collaborating on multimedia projects.
    • Future military operations will tend to require a military that operates jointly, collaborates with other agencies and nations, and flexibly exploits capabilities through agile thinking.
    • He has collaborated with the Brazilian Landless Peasants Movement and with Bolivian resistance to a money-swindling dam.
    • Two laboratories collaborated in this project, one analysing bone marrow cells and the other analysing gut cells from the same animals.
    • He taught for a short period at the Bauhaus, and collaborated on numerous architectural projects.
  • 2

    (assist enemy)
    to collaborate with sb colaborar con algn
    • Hungary chose cooperation and appointed a government to collaborate with Hitler.
    • But to enemies of a Palestinian accused of collaborating with Israel, it was an opportunity.
    • It also claimed that only a handful of traitors had collaborated with the Nazis.
    • The Vichy government and those who collaborated with the Germans were seen as traitors.
    • Why should a ruler obsessed with maintaining his power collaborate with some of his most dangerous enemies?
    • Villages suspected of collaborating with the enemy - whichever it might be - were razed.
    • Is it a hiding place away from the prying eyes of Gestapo agents, or is it equivalent to collaborating with the enemy?
    • However, it is wrong to portray the women as innocent pawns, absolved of the responsibility of having collaborated with the forces of racism.
    • A group of monks, led by scholar Yang Fei, defend their temple against the renegade disciple, Shi, a traitor who collaborates with Manchu rulers.
    • Now, the guerrillas appear to be settling scores with people who have collaborated with the invading forces.