Translation of collar in Spanish:


cuello, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɒlə//ˈkɑlər/


  • 1

    Clothing cuello masculine
    Medicine collarín masculine
    Medicine cuello ortopédico masculine
    to grab sb by the collar agarrar a algn del cuello
    • to get hot under the collar ponerse hecho una furia
  • 2

    (for animal)
    collar masculine
  • 3

    collar masculine
  • 4

    cuello masculine
  • 5

    abrazadera feminine

transitive verb

  • 1informal

    they were collared by the police la policía les echó el guante informal
    • he collared me as I was leaving me agarró / me pescó cuando salía
    • I practically screamed, pulling on the collar of his hideous orange uniform until we were nose to nose.
    • Regardless of your taste in music, spangled shirts, four inch collars, glitzy sunglasses and platform shoes are in.
    • The coat was patterned red and gold like the wallpaper in the dining room of a stately home, had a round collar and was fastened with large gold military buttons.
    • She appreciatively fingered the delicate lace collar and black velvet trim.
    • Tweed jackets are popular with the men, along with garish ties and socks, coloured shirts with white collars, coats with velvet lapels, yellow cords - all topped off with a flat cap or a trilby.
    • Nervously he tried to straighten his crumpled lab coat and shirt collar.
    • In the context of an interview with mainstream corporate America, it's best to cover your tattoos and piercings with long-sleeved shirts, blouses, collars, and such.
    • A Silver eagle broach is pinned to her cloth coat, a Hermes scarf splashes pink and black across the collar.
    • A shirt with a Chinese collar or high roll-neck, minus necktie, can spell casual elegance.
    • The dangling detached polo shirt collars and tiny tee shirts may take some getting used to.
    • I was hiding my face in the collar of my black velvet blazer, away from the sight of the class.
    • There were three of them, of whom one with a long beard looked venerable; and they had red cloth collars round their necks and gold lace on their sleeves like Government officials.
    • A blue chambray shirt with a button-downed collar was tucked neatly into the waistband of a pair of perfectly fitting black jeans.
    • He was wearing a white shirt with a collar, dark trousers and a three-quarter length jacket.
    • Another popular vintage detail is a shirt collar made from a different fabric, usually a knit.
    • I sighed and grabbed Black by the collar and pulled him in to whisper my problem to him.
    • He looked really nice, in a track suit, I think it was mainly blue and lime green with bits of yellow and red round the collar.
    • A black suit, a collar, an air of piety: the uniform requirements of men of the cloth.
    • Mark stood in blue uniform with gold stripes on his collar and black weapons handing from his belt.
    • Dirty cuffs and collars and destroyed shirt fronts were commonplace then.
    • But unless he can replace the stolen tack, collars and harness, he will be unable to take part.
    • The rigid collar and tandem harness allowed teams to pull with equal strength and greater efficiency.
    • We fit 24 animals with radio collars to follow their movements and we also fly over and follow their tracks to take a census.
    • Testosterone-implanted males (with a control collar) were trialed against males with red, orange, blue, and control brown collars.
    • Then, if all went well, they would outfit the two-and-a-half-foot-long bird with a radio collar and transmitter.
    • The neck collars have radio transmitters attached so that the birds can be tracked over a wide area of North Yorkshire and found wherever they land.
    • One option was to fit animals with GPS collars, which get position fixes from satellites to monitor movements and activity patterns.
    • Living on a staple diet of belly pork, collar bacon, and beef dripping, her arteries should have been as choked as the M1 on a Friday evening.
    • Currently I've aligned the shim with the frameset cut and have the collar at 180 degrees to the seat lug.
    • The silicone end of the tubing is connected to the fitting located on the collar of the handpiece.
    • The concrete pipes and collars on the sandy bottom created a tangled mass of intestines that lay unconnected to anything.
    • A stereolithographic method of fabricating the collars is disclosed.
    • So when the collar for new valve went round the pipe, there wasn't contact all the way round, due to a distinct lack of pipe.
    • The two are mechanically joined by small circular collars that have been punched into the metal during the stamping process and set themselves firmly in the plastic during cold-pressing.
    • Diversion collars placed around the pipes, just below the sand surface, can be retrofitted if this begins to happen.
    • Also look for a protective collar just below the coupling, which prevents the hose from kinking at the faucet.