Translation of collateral damage in Spanish:

collateral damage

daños colaterales, n.


  • 1

    daños colaterales masculine
    • They saw that we care about limiting collateral damage.
    • The quick responsive action of MSgt Henley prevented what could have easily been a major fire with possible significant collateral damage.
    • Today, the most significant overall restraint on military operations concerns the avoidance of collateral damage.
    • In conducting it, care should be taken to avoid collateral damage.
    • Therefore, an attacker must not employ weapons that would cause excessive collateral damage.
    • Conversely, attacks with permanent collateral effects are illegal.
    • To ensure the proper result with little or no unintended collateral effects, we need greater precision with speed.
    • Inert squash head ammunition would also be useful for punching holes in walls with minimal collateral damage.
    • The reduction in collateral damage (indirect costs) may have the same effect.
    • Everyone else was concerned about civilian collateral damage.
    • The Luftwaffe staff drew special attention to this collateral benefit in several of its tactical memoranda.
    • We need to think of collateral damage more in terms of innocent civilians being killed, rather than reconstructing buildings used by the enemy.
    • In such circumstances, the attacking elements will be required to expose themselves to enemy direct fire to engage them without undue collateral damage.
    • There are, however, limits on such incidental or collateral damage.
    • This aerial barrage had the collateral effect of probably obliterating the remains of any Americans who were left on the mountain.
    • The enemy threat was eliminated in a matter of minutes and there was no collateral damage.
    • Finally, munitions must be able to destroy the target without causing undue collateral damage.
    • Any response must consider the possible collateral damage potentially caused by such retaliation.
    • Physical collateral damage can always be fixed, or structures replaced.
    • Consequently, an attacker who acts reasonably in bombing an otherwise legitimate target has a defense against the charge that excessive collateral damage occurred.