There are 2 main translations of collect in Spanish

: collect1collect2


reunir, v.

Pronunciation: /kəˈlɛkt//kəˈlɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(gather together)

      recabar formal
      he collected some shells on his walk durante el paseo recogió algunas conchas
      • we're collecting old clothes for charity estamos juntando ropa usada para una obra benéfica
      • we collected (up) our belongings recogimos nuestras cosas
      • could you collect (up) the glasses? ¿podrías recoger los vasos?
      • Shait's team collected the phone numbers of nearly 2,000 shoppers.
      • The second part of the book collects a number of documents that serve to support Hockney's points.
      • Determine percent of plants being damaged and collect a number of cutworm larvae to determine the predominant stage of larval development.
      • This post collects a number of these political discussions.
      • Murie found this an ideal spot for collecting large numbers of specimens.
      • Having collected a large number of examples, we will need to create a typology of genres on the Web using facet analysis.
      • There is often a prize for the child that collects the maximum number of eggs.
      • He collected a large number of cheques from other workers which had been returned by both Allied Irish Bank and Ulster Bank.
      • We're collecting emergency numbers from the workers today.
      • For example, EMS centres have to collect a minimum number of packages before starting delivery because of the high operating costs.
      • An undisclosed number were collected mainly from adults but also children until 1986.
      • The Age have collected a number of interesting articles on the saga and made them available online here, but I think you might need to register to view them.
      • For every sequence to be integrated, we collected a number of homologous sequences that were sufficiently similar to enable a reliable alignment.
      • I collected a good number of samples this morning and am about to start the task of analyzing them on the WP4.
      • So we're going to go to Freshers' fairs to collect mobile numbers and sign students up with a form which will give us permission to contact them by mobile phone.
      • This applied until the Commerce Commission said that these are numbers collected by the tax payer, so they should be free to the tax payer.
      • So I've collected a number of stories from various sources that illustrate what I feel are both sides of the picture.
      • All responses were treated with confidentiality and no identifying details such as name, specific age, or university identification number were collected.
      • They shot at anything and everything, except the clays, which were often collected up unscathed and reused.
      • Now Blocher's party has collected the necessary number of signatures under Swiss direct democracy to challenge the law.

    • 1.2(attract, accumulate)

      my books are collecting dust mis libros están acumulando / juntando polvo
      • The only maintenance required is a monthly hose down of the knurled surface to remove the dirt which collects there.
      • No two ways about it, the place was thick with dirt and clumps of dust that had collected over the years it'd been neglected.
      • A trickle of subterranean water, which fell on the plateau weeks before, collects in a culvert for the villagers.
      • To counter the drain on scarce water supplies, rainwater will be collected in underground tanks and a new breed of wildlife-rich village pond.
      • So the bile, or gall, drains from the liver through bile ducts, collects in your gall bladder, and the gall bladder squirts it out on request.
      • They point the telescope at one small region of the sky and just let it sit there, gradually collecting the tiny number of photons that are coming to us from these galaxies in the early universe.
      • We know the organism likes to collect in air-conditioning systems and we know it can be controlled.
      • Iodine collects in the thyroid, so this little capsule, tipped into my hand out of a canister so no-one else would have to touch it, targets that gland and destroys it.
      • I didn't mean to imply that money deposited in a bank was simply collecting lint in the pockets of bankers.
      • Rainwater can be collected in plenty during rainy seasons, but we waste it by allowing it to flow into the sea.
      • Together with the dust that collects in the fan the worn out bearing suddenly stops the rotation of the fan.
      • I wandered around a bit and ended up by the two big tanks that collect rainwater from our roof.
      • Some collect and store this moisture in their trunks.
      • The leaves and rubbish that collect around the base harbour insects for geckos to feast on, while providing cover from predators.
      • The dust worn from the mousing surface collects on the feet of the MS Optical mouse.
      • The chemical information gleaned by the VN system is more specialized than that which is collected by the olfactory system.
      • Like most writers, I collected an unbelievable number of rejections for things I'd written in the past.
      • And one of the results may be that fluid collects in the middle ear and stays there for a long period of time.
      • At present rain water is being collected in large storage dams and reticulated to the end consumer via a network of pipes, pumps and treatment plant to ensure drinking water quality.
      • At home, anywhere water collects is an ideal breeding ground.

    • 1.3informal (earn)

      sacar(se) informal
      I collected around $5,000 this month este mes (me) saqué como 5.000 dólares
      • he collected a heavy fine se ganó una buena multa
      • When a fine is imposed it should be collected as quickly and efficiently as possible.
      • The rents that are collected are presently insufficient to cover these costs as well as other overheads.
      • He refused to comply with Henry's demand to accept a delay in payment and set about collecting his due by main force.
      • Rennies Travel's Mercia Schultz said yesterday that the tax would have to be collected manually by consultants as the system had not yet been programmed electronically.
      • Should I call at the house and collect the rent each month or set up a standing order?
      • This payment will be collected by Friday of next week, or we will send representatives to personally collect the fine.
      • If you have less than £1, 000 of extra tax to pay this can be collected via the PAYE system by an alteration of your tax code.
      • Debt collectors are not bailiffs and cannot attempt to collect payment by taking direct action, such as seizing goods.
      • She's moved a few miles away from my patch and asked if I would still collect her payments, because she was used to me calling.
      • McNamara said that one way of gauging whether the tenants are looking after a property correctly is by collecting the rent yourself once a month from the house.
      • Fakhruz Zaman approached Shemon Miah when he called at the Saffron Spice restaurant in Peatmoor on behalf of his father to collect a bill payment from the owner, Swindon Crown Court was told.
      • The night before his murder he had been round the estate collecting payment from his customers.
      • With improved productivity, the nobility could now collect higher rents and obtain greater profits from the sale of surplus agricultural goods.
      • All the money collected in fixed penalty fines went to the authority administering the scheme, making it self-funding.
      • Secondly, there was in fact no agreed modification of the licence agreements during the relevant period post termination, while the fees were being collected by SCL.
      • Inability to collect payment inhibited electrification, especially in informal settlements where few households had registered addresses.
      • A few days later he delivers them and collects the payment.
      • The charges will be collected on a monthly basis with a credit period of 30 days.
      • The 500-square-meter block is owned by a businessman known to the residents as Junaidi, who comes and collects the rent every month.

  • 2

    (as hobby)
    hacer colección de
    juntar Latin America
    he collects the work of young unknowns colecciona obras de artistas jóvenes desconocidos
  • 3

    (fetch, pick up)
    I collected my suit from the cleaner's recogí el traje de la tintorería
    • they collect the garbage every Monday todos los lunes pasan a recoger la basura
    • she collects her from school every day la recoge del colegio / la va a buscar al colegio todos los días
    • I'm collecting Jean on the way de camino voy a pasar a recoger / a buscar a Jean
  • 4

    (obtain payment)
    (rent/dues/subscription/fine) cobrar
    (taxes) recaudar
  • 5

    (put in order)
    give me some time to collect my thoughts déjame pensar un momento
    • to collect oneself recobrar la calma

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (gather, assemble)
    (people) reunirse
    (people) congregarse
  • 2

    (water/dust) acumularse
    (dust/water) juntarse
  • 3

    (solicit contributions)
    recaudar dinero
    hacer una colecta
  • 4informal

    (take money)


  • 1US

    a cobro revertido
    por cobrar Chile Mexico


  • 1US

    a cobro revertido
    por cobrar Chile Mexico

There are 2 main translations of collect in Spanish

: collect1collect2


colecta, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɒlɛkt//ˈkɑlˌɛkt//ˈkɒlɪkt/


  • 1

    colecta feminine