Traducción de colonel en Español:


coronel, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkərnl//ˈkəːn(ə)l/


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    coronel masculino
    coronela femenino
    • There are several interesting issues here, such as the much-vaunted discovery that Army colonels increasingly self-identify as Republicans.
    • As a general rule, however, military intellectuals tend to face mandatory retirement as lieutenant colonels or colonels, just as they are achieving full intellectual maturity.
    • In the past year I have met midshipmen, Air Force cadets, colonels at the Army War College, officers in the Pentagon, air and naval crews at sea, reserve and retired officers, and a variety of civilian defense analysts.
    • After 12 years of teaching ethics at the Air War College, Maxwell AFB, Alabama, I have learned a few lessons from the lieutenant colonels and colonels I've taught.
    • Henry, an outstanding officer and one of the youngest colonels in the Army Air Corps, pinned the eagles on his shirt collar at the age of 28.
    • The problem is that many military generals and colonels and lieutenant-colonels do their own thing.
    • There are many officers in the embassy who are equivalent to general officers and colonels.
    • He retired from the Army as a colonel in 1988 and was appointed deputy commander, IGR.
    • As a result, lieutenant colonels, colonels, and general officers must operate in a more complex task environment than during the Cold War.
    • Many lieutenant colonels and colonels express frustration at being labeled as poor mentors, and portrayed as contributing to the attrition of captains.
    • Normally, a colonel would command a brigade, but TRISSOC is an elite service, and only brigadier generals are allowed to command brigades, with colonels as second-in-commands.
    • When the Civil War began Grant returned to the Army and received the rank of colonel.
    • Ted rose to the rank of colonel at the war's end serving as the 26th Infantry Regiment Commander.
    • There are a thousand colonels in the army who'd give their eye teeth for this chance.
    • The Defense Department announced on Friday that the President has formally nominated three colonels for promotion to Brigadier General.
    • The senior officers - generals, brigadiers, colonels - were all at a loss about what to do.
    • Some of these officers are now lieutenant colonels and colonels in the Army Reserve.
    • There are five woman colonels [air force and army] or captains [navy] qualified for promotion to general positions.
    • The Pentagon did not identify the other panel members, but said they were three colonels and a lieutenant colonel.
    • The admiral was said to be interested in inviting upper middle grade officers, army colonels and navy captains, to observe US military exercises as a way to establish contact with the next generation of Chinese military leaders.