Translation of colonial in Spanish:


colonial, adj.

Pronunciation /kəˈləʊnɪəl//kəˈloʊnjəl/


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    in colonial times en la época colonial
    • African countries are demanding an explicit apology from countries formerly involved in slavery and other past examples of white domination including colonial rule.
    • During German colonial rule, Bagamoyo was the capital of Tanzania.
    • The chartered companies of northern Europe were eventually unable to keep up with the demands of colonial expansion, territorial rule, and provision of security.
    • The Commonwealth became the regional power, exercising colonial rule in Papua, then in New Guinea and in Nauru.
    • All these territories than came under European colonial rule.
    • During the freedom struggle against colonial rule, the national leaders of the two countries developed close political links which stood the test of time for years after independence.
    • Hunting celebrated the imperial virtues of courage and manliness and confirmed the power of colonial rule.
    • A year previously, Gandhi had launched the Salt Satyagraha, which mobilised hundreds of thousands of Indians to defy colonial laws and ask for an end to colonial rule.
    • The recurring imagery of ‘discovery’ echoes a colonial project of expansion and conquest.
    • Servitude and forced labor in agricultural contexts to some extent also carried into the early twentieth century in the era of French colonial rule.
    • In 1994, the then prime minister Tomiichi Murayama apologized personally to all Asian peoples for Japan's colonial rule and wartime actions.
    • But its social and political assertions are much more radical, as it paints Kelly as a champion of the individual, fighting against the injustice and corruption of colonial rule.
    • As colonial rule established itself and regions hitherto inaccessible became safe enough for plant collectors to travel in, many new bulb species found their way back to the nurseryman and then the gardener.
    • The discussion of syphilis at the outset of the twentieth century reflected the tensions and dilemmas regarding colonial rule, and particularly the concern that Africa was slipping beyond control.
    • Ironically, in the light of his later support for French colonial rule, he was expelled three years later for continuing to advocate the cause of the native poor of Algeria.
    • I had come here more than a few decades ago to participate in the Goa Liberation Struggle, which saw the sun set on this last enclave of colonial rule in India.
    • This is first time that the locals won a victory after several hundred years of colonial rule by white people.
    • Back home in India, perhaps thanks to nearly 200 years of colonial rule, good looks are defined almost always by a single attribute, fairness.
    • At midnight the next day India won its freedom from colonial rule.
    • But after thirty years and one of the bitterest wars of colonial expansion in Southeast Asia, the Dutch were eventually victorious.


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    colono masculine
    colona feminine
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    ciudadano británico que ha vivido y trabajado en una de las ex colonias

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    persona oriunda de una de las ex colonias