Translation of colonize in Spanish:


colonizar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɒlənʌɪz//ˈkɑləˌnaɪz/

transitive verb

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    (area/country) colonizar
    • A fatal mistake was choosing to colonise land at the heart of the Spanish empire.
    • During the 16th century Spain and England were colonizing the world and gaining power.
    • With the exception of Thailand, all the countries in the region were colonized by a Western country.
    • No one is certain whether the pigs roaming the landscape as Europeans began to formally colonize the southeastern region were the descendants of De Soto's walking food supply.
    • He put down rebellions and sent his Athenian armies to colonize other areas of Asia Minor.
    • They don't necessarily need to send in troops - they send in men in suits and they colonise the place financially.
    • On 13 July 1889 he founded the British South Africa Company, which subsequently administered and colonized the territory named Southern Rhodesia in his honour in 1898.
    • ‘The classic age of imperialism effectively ended in 1918 ’, she writes, though the greater part of the world was still colonised.
    • Viking settlers tried to colonise it more than 1,500 years ago.
    • I think we should send them to colonize other planets for us.
    • Indigenous peoples shared their land with the newcomers and eventually it became more than sharing as the settlers colonized the continent and waged an undeclared war against Indigneous peoples.
    • Police Chief Berryer's men routinely rounded up vagrants and sent them off to colonize Canada.
    • Moreover, this symbolic conquest of the land and the skills learned on the snowshoe tramps made the contemporary political objective of colonizing the North West and creating a transatlantic nation all the more possible.
    • In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, most of the Islamic world was conquered and colonized by the European powers.
    • A pair of French Canadians founded and helped to colonize this southern French territory.
    • They were representatives of a huge power to the north that was trying to colonise a Mexican province.
    • There were some other parallels to Scotland - apart from the fact that the place was colonised by Scots, adopted by Scots, and virtually christened by the early settlers as an alternative Scotland.
    • Writer Peter Pierce believes that the fear of being lost in hostile desert or bushland has been deeply etched into the Australian psyche ever since Europeans colonised the southern continent.
    • Most people seem to take one of two general points of view on the quest that rockets represent: A vocal minority is certain that humanity will colonize space, just as Europeans colonized the New World.
    • Other places were also colonized, especially some Caribbean islands, and more of the North American coast.
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    Botany Zoology
    establecer una colonia en
    • In recent decades, it has colonized such far-flung places as Cape Cod, and in 1999 one was captured in New York City's Central Park.
    • This season, more than 30,000 birds, belonging to 30 species, have colonised the place.
    • Both grasses often colonize continuous expanses of desert, closing the open spaces that normally separate native desert plants and protect them from fire.
    • Ling another name for common heather, ling colonises both lowland and blanket bogs.
    • It thrived when tundra-like flora and fauna colonised the land as the glaciers retreated but later declined as the climate warmed.
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