Translation of colostomy in Spanish:


colostomía, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈlɒstəmi//kəˈlɑstəmi/


  • 1

    (operation) colostomía feminine
    (opening) ano artificial masculine
    (opening) ano contra natura masculine River Plate
    • Eventually with his Crohn's, he was probably going to need a colostomy bag fitted.
    • On day four, he was scheduled for a colon resection, liver biopsy, and possible colostomy.
    • The specialists even wanted to operate and give me a colostomy bag.
    • An engineer to the core, George once showed me in excruciating detail exactly how his colostomy bag functioned.
    • She was also born with an incomplete anus and had to have a colostomy bag until she was two.
    • He has designed smart, comfortable and very practical trousers for men and women who have to live with a colostomy bag.
    • ‘I go in every year for a check-up,’ he said, ‘and the doctors said they could reverse my colostomy.’
    • She told me this while I was in the hospital with ulcerative colitis I was very close to having a colostomy done.
    • Women who cannot return to their villages because their injuries are too severe to be repaired are fitted with stomas and rely on urostomy or colostomy bags.
    • A colostomy diverts stool into an appliance attached to the skin, thereby eliminating leakage of stool from the rectum.
    • During a routine physician visit, she reports trouble with her colostomy pouch, which slides off and will not adhere to her peristomal skin.
    • If abdominal or perineal areas are affected, the patient may require a colostomy or urinary diversion.
    • For Andrea, the diagnosis meant a complete overhaul of her lifestyle and the prospect of a colostomy bag.
    • A long segment of sigmoid colon was resected, and a temporary colostomy was performed.
    • When I came round I had a colostomy bag and was told I had cancer.
    • He did not need chemotherapy and with the help of colostomy bag could live a normal life.
    • The man, who was stripped to the waist and bearing an open wound from a colostomy bag which had been pulled off, was eventually returned to the hospital.
    • The nurse gives dietary advice to minimise bowel problems and looks after the care of the colostomy opening on the abdominal wall, together with the health of the surrounding skin to which the colostomy bag is attached.
    • Two of the them had undergone colostomies as a result of the severity of the attacks on them.
    • It is believed the arrested man was originally brought to hospital to have a colostomy wound attended to.
    • A colostomy involves diverting the route of the bowel through a hole in the abdomen, with a bag to collect the faeces.
    • If it was cancer, a hysterectomy and possibly a colostomy might be called for.
    • However, he later needed a full colostomy in February and had a cut from his stomach to his groin.
    • He sustained horrific internal and external injuries, including a crushed pelvis, blood clots on his brain and had the ignominy of walking around with a colostomy bag for the next four years.
    • She was so badly hurt that doctors had to perform a colostomy to allow her body parts to heal.
    • As a result surgeons performed a colostomy, where an incision is made into the colon creating an artificial opening or stoma to the exterior of the abdomen.
    • Then he underwent a second surgery, spent more than three weeks in the hospital, and returned home wearing a colostomy bag.
    • However, Anthony will have to be fitted with a colostomy bag to prevent any further damage to his liver and down the road will probably have to have a liver transplant.
    • Appendectomy, colectomy, all types of hernia procedures, and colostomy reversal accounted for the next most prevalent errors in classification.
    • Those like myself who have undergone colostomy, ileostomy or other similar procedures require, as a matter of daily routine, amenities appropriate to our needs.
    • On Saturday night, shortly after the incident, doctors performed a colostomy on the little girl.
    • The cavity is irrigated daily with mild antiseptic solution, and drainage from the tubes can be collected in a colostomy bag.
    • For some patients, especially those with rectal tumours, the diagnosis of cancer is also accompanied by the necessity for either colostomy or ileostomy.
    • If there is a colostomy, a colostomy nurse will give advice and answer questions about how to look after it.
    • Alex has been thrust into a more active role as a caregiver, which he's rather gracefully accepting, except for anything involving the colostomy bag.