Translation of column in Spanish:


columna, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑləm//ˈkɒləm/


  • 1

    columna feminine
    Trajan's Column la columna Trajana
    • Nelson's Column el monumento a Nelson
    • column of mercury columna de mercurio
    • Each pillar has four bronze columns supporting American eagles that hold a victory laurel.
    • The tower was built of massive columns, great white pillars, supported by beams and buttresses.
    • The main idea is a big roof supported on only four columns.
    • In structural terms, long and slender reinforced-concrete columns support the floors in an unobtrusive 8.4m grid.
    • They stood in a hallway with huge stone columns supporting the ceiling over their heads.
    • The room was rectangular, and there were murals of columns supporting Gothic arches on the walls within.
    • It is partnered by a stepped gallery running back under the cloister arcade, with round columns beneath those supporting the arches above.
    • It is supported by wood columns and creates a passageway that lets in fresh air and sunlight but blocks inclement weather.
    • Inside, the handsome structure with cast iron columns and jack arches was cleaned and repaired.
    • Mirrors covered the side walls, and there were four columns supporting the structure next to them.
    • The station's main entrance is characterized by three elegant arches that are supported on huge Ionic columns.
    • In the Patio de los Leones, over one hundred slender marble columns support ornate arches, shielding the rather chubby marble lions.
    • A coin of Augustus shows what is presumably a square superstructure, with arches on the two faces in view, pilasters or columns, and an entablature but no roof.
    • The stage is oval in plan, behind a proscenium arch, flanked by paired piers and columns that support a parted impediment.
    • Roof overhangs are supported by steel columns also encased in stone.
    • At this ripe old age, the tree's enormous limbs are supported by steel columns and cables.
    • In the centrally focused pantheon of the original bank building, the round dome was supported by interior Ionic columns.
    • But all seem to have porches supported by columns of cobblestone brick, or stucco.
    • Cardboard tubes acting as structural columns support the roof panels around the perimeter.
    • Tension gives the thin strips their form and causes them to retain their locations on the cylindrical concrete columns that support the parking slab and roof.
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    (on grid, chart, screen)
    columna feminine
    first row down, second column along primera línea, segunda columna
    • The base portions are disposed in a matrix arrangement having rows and columns.
    • Your program uses objects, and those objects are automatically transformed into rows, columns and tables in a relational database.
    • Actually, it had no pagination, and I could see right away that it was in black letter, two columns to a page.
    • The third and fourth columns are the corresponding figures for the CLP Budget of 1998 / 99.
    • I feel oppressed and confused by neat columns of figures marching down the page or screen, disoriented by colour-coded graphs and the arcane jargon of statistical analysis.
    • This list took up two columns on the page, though, and it was only a matter of time before something caught her eye.
    • Chambers English Dictionary of 1872 included an eight page appendix of Americanisms printed in small type, three columns to a page.
    • At the bottom of the right-hand column of this page, I've added links to some fine little organisations who need your help in their brave fight against the forces of darkness.
    • You'll notice a new map of the US at the top of the right-hand column of this page.
    • The first is at the bottom of the right-hand column under the heading " Borrowing by a Limited Partnership".
    • It is a large volume of about one thousand pages of text in double columns.
    • Users are instructed in even the most basic details, such as how to move from one worksheet to another within a workbook, how to select multiple cells, rows or columns, and so on.
    • A matrix is a rectangular array of symbols, usually numbers, neatly arranged in columns and rows.
    • Weights are listed for each character in the right-hand column of table 1.
    • In this case, we should put at the intersections between the rows and columns the figures corresponding to the required initial levels of preceding themes or subjects.
    • She found a piece of paper with a list of names on one column, and a list of figures on the next column.
    • For each faculty member, the following information was requested with each point of information being a column of a table.
    • If it's not unethical corporate moles and scratching through somebody else's rubbish, it's scratching through long columns of your own figures in the hope of an elusive clue.
    • If you would like to help, please contact me via the e-mail link at the bottom of the left column on my home page.
    • The first column of figures represents the percentage of half days lost through unauthorised absence.
    • The headline suggests an enormous mouthful to bite off in five columns ' worth of text, but that didn't hold us back in a spring issue 58 years ago.
    • The editor provided a brief general introduction, a plain text in double columns per page, and a glossary at the end.
    • In the initial view the times of five trains will be displayed next to each other, with each column listing information about a single train.
    • Its gray trout page and long vertical columns resemble newspapers of the 1800s.
    • The volume ends with a magnificent mass of notes, some ninety-four pages of double columns and smaller print.
    • Carefully crafted summary reports, with columns of figures, spreadsheets, and graphs appended at the end, take time to digest and appreciate.
    • One specific comment, though, is that you should change the color of the lettering in the left-hand column on the main page.
    • The one difference is that I'm displaying the last few movies I've seen (with ratings) on the front page in the main column.
    • The right page is occupied by the text (in two columns, with German on the left and French on the right).
    • The subject of most newspaper column inches wasn't even a person.
    • The higher the pixel resolution (the more rows and columns of pixels), the more information can be displayed.
    • Such men found commerce more congenial than industry, and went into the expanding banking sector where the sweat and gore of the factory floor and labour relations were sterilized into columns of figures.
    • It remains the only significant figure in the debit column of the 17th Commonwealth Games.
    • The left column contains information about the visual appearance, or form, of writing produced.
    • As you saw when first examining the layout, there are basic divisions already in the page: Header, columns, and footer.
    • You stare at a column of financial figures and your heart sings songs of how woeful it is to be locked up on such a lovely day.
    • Imagine a square table consisting of 111 columns and 111 rows.
    • The memory cell may be implemented in an array of cells to perform a method of creating a reverse breakdown condition in an array of memory cells arranged in columns and rows in the array.
    • In appearance it is very like a modern newspaper, though slightly worse printed, and with only five columns on the page.
    • On the verso where the poem concludes the page is divided into two columns with this hemistich division.
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    Printing Journalism
    columna feminine
    her name often appears in our columns su nombre aparece con frecuencia en las columnas de nuestro periódico
    • he writes a column for 'The Globe' es columnista de 'The Globe'
    • before noun hundreds of column inches have been written about the subject el tema ha hecho correr ríos de tinta
    • He writes a weekly column for the Guardian newspaper.
    • He never thought a silly gossip column in a school paper could be so influential.
    • Both gentlemen above also raise another issue that merits airing in today's column.
    • He has been a sports journalist, writing a regular column for a newspaper and a magazine.
    • Both rowers write regular newspaper columns and both are frequently contacted by the media for comment on a wide range of topics.
    • Returning to Alaska he wrote a regular column for an Anchorage newspaper and also worked on sculpting.
    • Offer to write a weekly advice column in your local paper.
    • Our gossip columns are filled not with movie stars, but sporting celebrities.
    • Barely had the ink dried on last week's column than the phone rang.
    • His syndicated column appears in 150 newspapers in some thirty countries.
    • His syndicated column appears in newspapers across the country.
    • In fact there are very good reasons why unread - or more or less unreadable - art critics continue to write regular columns for reputable newspapers.
    • So we asked the Martens to share their wisdom, stories and innovations with us through a regular monthly column.
    • My thanks to the Dallas Morning News for accepting a guest column on the subject.
    • He also began writing columns in magazines and newspapers, most recently in Metro, a daily newspaper distributed without charge in railway stations and other public places.
    • Tracy has also written a syndicated weekly column since March of 1986.
    • So this week's column is devoted to one of the great men of New Zealand sport.
    • He trained as a singer and wrote a weekly newspaper column on the social scene.
    • Last year he devoted just three of his weekly syndicated newspaper columns to the subject.
    • Well, it was a pity she didn't run the gossip column.
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    columna feminine
    a column of tanks una columna de tanques
    • As the corps entered Belgium, each division planned to move a covering force in advance of its column to seize key objectives assigned for each day.
    • The massed columns of camouflaged vehicles threw up clouds of desert sand as far as the eye could see as they fanned out across the vast featureless landscape.
    • There are 500 kids within these walls, but it's calm and quiet even when columns of pupils move from one activity to another.
    • The US government was determined to force them back on their reservations, and three army columns were dispatched to do this job by 1876.
    • While settlers routinely carry weapons, they displayed none when the columns of soldiers and police marched into their communities.
    • It is no strange sight to meet columns of foreign tourist vehicles hugging and tugging through the pass in search of the real Africa.
    • The general commanding the advance tank column was persuaded of the need to divert resources to our assistance.
    • Long columns of vehicles were seen snaking through the moonlit desert towards the border, after repeated salvoes that lit up the horizon with flashes of fire.
    • Most assaults were directed against U.S. military convoys, columns, or checkpoints.
    • Hurriedly, he moved to the front of the column where Faulkner was walking.
    • His portrayals always feature them as masses of men, either moving in columns or lying in exhausted heaps.
    • The artillery and mounted horse holders remained in the center of the square between two additional columns of troops advancing on the formation's east and west flanks.
    • I was led to believe from the news stories that the fighters were not charging into tank columns with bomb belts, but using some intelligent and extremely effective guerilla tactics.
    • The Dutch left Yogjakarta and I heard that the general who led out that military column from Yogja died of apoplexy on the way - it was too much for him.
    • The RAF attacked the retreating Turkish columns, and helped force the Turks back to the Jordan.
    • Knowing she couldn't read it at the moment, she tucked the volume into one of her own saddlebags and spurred her borrowed mount ahead to keep up with the moving column.
    • They were to protect the column against enemy troops at close range who were armed with satchel and pole charges, bazookas and bangalore torpedoes.
    • The ten baggage carts carrying the tents were the only wheeled vehicles in the column.
    • He then made the unwise decision to divide his force into three columns, he himself commanding one.
    • Early yesterday a column of armoured vehicles moved into the outskirts in a manoeuvre designed to draw out rebels and provide fresh targets for the air power and artillery.
    • Targets of opportunity, including a column of marching troops, were attacked.
    • Forming two columns, three mounted platoons of the 26th Cavalry set out for Morong.
    • During a lull in the fighting, some of the Russians tried to wave down a column of armored vehicles using white flags, but they were ignored.
    • The general commandeered the entire column and Cooper found himself deploying this massive force for action.
    • A corps column on a single road without its wagon trains could occupy 5 to 10 miles of road and up to 15 miles with its wagon trains.
    • An assault jeep quickly zoomed ahead of the rest of the moving column, three gunmen disembarking and running forward.
    • But then again, maybe that's realistic - you just can't fit a column of 10 tanks down the average single-lane dirt road.
    • However, the Panzer Regiment destroyed a motorized column and an artillery battery before the French could withdraw.
    • And we saw one brave young man defy a column of tanks.
    • The real question is how on earth they have got so many busy and placid people so utterly disillusioned with the political process that they are marching in columns thousands deep through the streets of the capital.
    • Each brigade was made up of four small battalions and each battalion was organized into two columns.
    • This column came into contact with Govt forces at Gutierrez, approx 75 km south of Bogota, and in the ensuing firefights the army lost 37 men.
    • Soon a small column of figures appears on the horizon, snaking down an embankment in the glittering morning light.
    • The massive French cavalry charge was met by a storm of English arrows, as a result of which the cavalry fled back through the front columns of the French infantry.
    • A long column of cars and motorcycles drove through the city, honking horns and waving national flags.
    • He criticised France's reliance on the Maginot Line for defence against Germany and called for the formation of mechanised armoured columns.
    • In these conflicts, fast-moving tank columns had performed great feats; the more armour intensive the operation, the more impressive the results had been.
    • The French were handicapped by their lack of artillery and cavalry, which had ensured the success of the column elsewhere.
    • Another column of soldiers marched out of the gate, and lined the quay, weapons ready.
    • About 3,000 soldiers will take part in the review, including nine columns of infantry, two columns of armoured vehicles, helicopters and a military band.
    • He signaled the tank column, and the accompanying infantry carriers, to stop.
    • There's a long column of tanks returning from a day in the capital.
    • A silent column of peace protesters marched to a York market.
    • We crossed the line of departure at daybreak in formation as a column of platoons.