Translation of come over in Spanish:

come over

phrasal verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(to sb's home)

      telephone me or, better still, come over llámame o, mejor aún, pásate por casa / ven a casa

    • 1.2(from overseas)


    • 1.3(change sides, opinions)

      she came over to our side se pasó a nuestro bando
      • he'll soon come over to our way of thinking ya se va a convencer de que tenemos razón

    • 1.4(have sudden feeling)

      to come over faint marearse
      • he came over all shivery de repente le dieron escalofríos

  • 2

    (affect, afflict)
    a feeling of nausea came over her le dieron náuseas
    • I don't know what came over me no sé qué me pasó
    • whatever came over you? ¿cómo se te ocurrió hacer eso?