Translation of comely in Spanish:


bonito, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəmli//ˈkʌmli/

adjectivecomeliest, comelier


  • 1

    • The law was aimed at deterring unscrupulous boardinghouse touts who jumped aboard arriving ships to ply gullible sailors with cheap liquor and comely prostitutes.
    • Which football nation is represented by the most comely lady?
    • Their conversation was interrupted when their stagecoach stopped at a small way station and a comely woman with light-brown hair dressed in unattractive dark clothing joined the stage.
    • Shall we not at long last spare this good and comely woman from further degradation?
    • I managed to resist the allure of comely females for the rest of the day; but unfortunately, at night time, I relapsed again.
    • A newspaper holds a 700 mile horse race, and the usual suspects apply: the comely lady of the night, the young upstart, the grizzled veteran and, err, the animal advocate?
    • Their next stop was a witch's kitchen, where Faust caught sight of the image of a comely woman in a mirror.
    • Had we become " comely maidens and athletic youths at the crossroads"?
    • Apparently comely Irish maidens are a thing of the past, and women have arrived showing more flesh than fabric.
    • For many centuries, goats have actually been polymorphed into comely virgins.
    • Aren't Sicilian scoundrels wooing comely American lasses behind every corner?
    • The comely heroine is in the Cotton city for the first time.
    • With that proclamation, he rushed back up the steps followed by the lead knight, leaving the knights to look worried and confused in front of a group of comely women.
    • Here is the comely girl, unwed and great with child, who came to me in tears last month - a young cook in our traveling party is the father.
    • In its cast of comely lasses are the prototypical visions found within the boundary of the male fantasy.
    • Now the fragments of the treasure map are tattooed on the supple bodies of several comely maidens, and it's a race to be the first to undress them.
    • The founding fathers of our state might have been interested to know that some of the earliest close-up portraits of their citizens - taken between 1892 and 1911-were of comely maidens reclining nude in various poses.
    • When a comely woman flirts with him at a bar, he acts distracted and disinterested.
    • It was an unwritten law that Bridget, for she was most comely, was always the apple of every unmarried man's eye.
    • Upon his arrival, he meets a comely woman who is in charge of renovating the church.