Translation of comic relief in Spanish:

comic relief

toque de humor, n.


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    toque de humor masculine
    • There are elements of classic comic relief throughout Barker's interlocking tales.
    • Apparently, he's a hilarious raconteur on stage, and indeed, the album could use a bit of comic relief in moments when the drama gets slightly overwrought.
    • As it is a crime drama, the home scene is used for comic relief and only slightly to reveal backstory about one of the main characters.
    • This could have the potential to be distracting, but in this presentation it fits into the feel of the play and either adds to the drama or provides comic relief.
    • Intended for comic relief, the song and dance numbers come across as uninspired and robotic.
    • I did, however, find comic relief in this part of the book.
    • This is why Shakespeare inserted comic relief in his tragedies, and it's why human beings today will often resort to ‘gallows humor’ at a fatal shooting scene.
    • … ‘People complained a lot about Gimli just being there for comic relief,’ continued Wilcox.
    • They want the full, three-generation saga, the life story, with full-throttle melodrama and comic relief, with fights and beautiful sets and aching, soulful stares.
    • Despite its less-than-uplifting message, the film escapes self-conscious drama hell through well-timed comic relief.
    • But, like a Shakespearean tragedy, occasional instances of comic relief are provided, too.
    • Presumably, the intent is for these exchanges to add a little comic relief, but even a bad stand-up comedian would stay away from this material.
    • However, this translated more into a vehicle for comic relief throughout the film than a serious threat.
    • This episode is played for comic relief, and it works somewhat well.
    • It uses moments of slapstick to deliver comic relief where none is warranted.
    • I should add that a good auction is almost like theater - there's suspense, drama, and often comic relief.
    • The creative rationale for this storyline is comic relief.
    • If there is such a thing as comic relief in an already funny show, this was it.
    • Moments of deeply affecting emotion are balanced by bursts of comic relief, allowing the script to stay buoyant and the characters to remain real.
    • Along the way we'll meet some good cops, some bad street thugs, some comic relief and of course lots of things getting blown up.