Translation of commando in Spanish:


comando, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈmænˌdoʊ//kəˈmɑːndəʊ/

nounPlural commandos

  • 1

    (unit, soldier)
    comando masculine
    (raid/unit) (before noun) de comandos
    • There, French commandos raided the plane, killing all of the hijackers.
    • Special military commandos using tanks entered the district, and helicopters carried out surveillance overhead; the air space was closed down for a radius of 7 kilometres.
    • Training was similar to that carried out by the commandos, with emphasis placed on raiding, sentry elimination, ambushing, cross-country night navigation exercises, and target attacks.
    • He had been leading his squad of commandos towards a target of a group of houses when he spotted enemy soldiers hiding in the houses.
    • And there's more new equipment to come, this time for Australia's special forces, including SAS soldiers and commandos.
    • More than 100 US commandos and British SAS soldiers are now in southern Afghanistan, setting up road blocks.
    • The commandos carried out operations against invading Japanese forces, during WW2.
    • Upon completion of the selection phase, potential commandos are trained in a vast array of necessary skills.
    • Specially selected commandos, backed by artillery and tanks, surrounded the temple walls.
    • Heavily armed police commandos and Army soldiers, backed by armored cars, patrolled the town barely an hour after the explosions.
    • Kept carefully out of the media has been many of the operations of over a thousand Special Forces and commandos known to be in the area.
    • Those commandos, who previously trained together with their colleagues from the American special forces, have served with distinction.
    • This operational capability requires commandos to be trained and equipped differently to conventional infantry soldiers.
    • Food rations and special-forces commandos are being airlifted into Afghanistan.
    • The mobilisation includes paramilitary forces, regular soldiers and specially trained commandos.
    • The crisis ended with a dawn raid by Thai commandos.
    • Eventually, commandos from the Army and the Royal Marines were combined into four brigades.
    • As they rounded a corner another squad of heavily armed commandos sprang from around the next building.
    • According to the Washington Post, the operation will include the CIA working with commandos and other military units to act immediately on intelligence uncovered by American spies about enemy targets.
    • If the government needs some well trained commandos, quickly, these are the men who will go.
    • The ensuing fire-fight left the gun-boat beyond use and it left the 20 landing craft carrying the commandos unprotected.