Translation of commercial in Spanish:


comercial, adj.

Pronunciation /kəˈmərʃəl//kəˈməːʃ(ə)l/


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    (relations/studies/premises) comercial
    commercial law derecho mercantil / comercial masculine
    • These agreements seek to apply commercial rules to all areas of policy, paying little regard to social or environmental impacts.
    • His approach is to take over ageing sites, invest in them and turn them into modern, highly attractive commercial concerns.
    • Such banks conducted the usual banking activities but their activities were confined to purely commercial transactions.
    • For example, we moved into investment banking, and when commercial banking was opened, we moved into commercial banking.
    • Further, it is implicit in a commercial agreement of this kind that the terms of the new price structure are to be fair and reasonable as between the parties.
    • The report found that Bulgaria had strict and wide-ranging banking, tax and commercial secrecy laws.
    • The structure of assets changed for another successive year, moving from treasury components to commercial banking.
    • Accordingly, he arranged new commercial agreements with nearly a dozen countries in western and central Europe during his first two years in office.
    • This is a private commercial agreement between them worth millions.
    • The contract is subject to detailed conditions as laid out in the commercial agreement between Samtel and Thomson.
    • Residents voiced their concerns on the increased commercial development in the area in June when news of another development first surfaced.
    • Will technological advances, fuel costs and environmental concerns bring back commercial sailing for cargo ships?
    • He said that as a state company, they might engage in commercial activities that could help finance its efforts to keep rice prices stable.
    • However, it was arguably the activities of commercial rivals, not concerns about bad publicity, which finally made the bank back down.
    • It is now finalizing a commercial agreement with Spain's second largest airline.
    • In the meantime, they and the proposed mobile providers would be engaged in commercial negotiations on rates.
    • These people were employed by the government in the lower levels of the colonial bureaucracy and engaged in local commercial activities.
    • Firstly, it seems that courts will protect commercial agreements made with the express object of preventing unwanted publicity.
    • To that end, in 1991 the government awarded banking licenses to 16 new commercial banks.
    • A commercial agreement is between the parties concerned and should have nothing to do with what anyone else wants.
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    it's not a commercial proposition no es rentable
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    (music/cinema) comercial
    • However, Williams insists any decision concerning the player's future will be based on football issues rather than his commercial value.
    • Today most of the films are having more of commercial value than quality and are packed with themes and scenes that can match the taste of youth.
    • There's an element that makes them very commercial yet still very cool.
    • For the time being, such work pursues purely commercial purposes.
    • Rahul is seen as a ‘serious’ actor who stars in art films rather than mainstream commercial Bollywood releases.
    • I mean sometimes people get upset because we don't want to make something commercial.
    • They will be particularly disappointed if the field is found to be commercial after all.
    • But rewind for just a second - when did student magazines become so commercial?
    • Seems to have been written as a book to exploit commercial interest rather than having much of anything to say.
    • They call it hardcore, rather than commercial world music.
    • However, as Sue is a long-time reader rather than a passing commercial opportunist, we'll let her get away with it.
    • He had choreographed Broadway shows, and had become commercial and flamboyant.
    • Except that the purists say it's not opera, but rather some commercial manipulation thereof.
    • It celebrates not only Christmas but the artistic and commercial peak of the golden age of popular song writing.
    • I think it's a shame if people think Easter has become too commercial.
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    sin refinar
    • An incorporated trait of resistance to a commercial pesticide might conceivably show up in other plants.
    • The shipping costs of both bulk chemicals and commercial formulas have been omitted.
    • Most commercial chemical repellents contain either Deet or Permethrin.
    • Almost 50 percent of the world's commercial hydrogen now comes from natural gas.
    • In its most broad definition, Mr. James believes, to garden organically is to do so without the aid of commercial chemicals.
    • Many also apply commercial nitrogen fertilizer, since there's no way to know exactly how much nitrogen is in the manure.
    • An alternative to the commercial fungicide would be a mixture of baking soda and water.


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    Television Radio
    spot publicitario masculine
    anuncio masculine
    aviso masculine Latin America
    comercial masculine Latin America
    • Commuters said they wanted a quiet journey home rather than listening to advertising commercials and news broadcasts.
    • He figures he has had a good run, even appearing in a Spanish television commercial for a sportswear company.
    • Have you seen commercials on television imploring you to use less water?
    • In fact, the company featured her in a television commercial promoting its contributions to these communities.
    • The second stage of advertising, which includes television commercials, is not expected until March.
    • Its mass marketing includes print advertisements and radio and television commercials.
    • I nodded slowly, glancing back at the television which was thankfully showing commercials.
    • They must have heard about my business through the radio commercials that I've done.
    • Both national and local talk radio hosts do more than carry commercials on their programs.
    • During a recent trip to California I found myself watching a television commercial about cars.
    • The extra minutes would also allow German broadcasters to jam in more commercials during televised matches.
    • The television commercial will hit the screens tomorrow.
    • The youth's parents said they got the idea to talk to their son after watching a government-funded commercial on television.
    • He allowed them to film him for a television commercial.
    • I remembered watching the trailer to the film in a television commercial.
    • Consider that when you see a commercial for a blatantly wasteful product.
    • The only extra is a collection of commercials advertising the show on Japanese television.
    • He is sure that the commercial will ‘encourage people to come here for a holiday.’
    • The company is re-running some of its classic beans TV commercials from next week and will ask the public for their say.
    • The story reaches a dramatic moment, so it is time for a television commercial.
  • 2also commercial vehicle

    (for passengers) vehículo de transporte público masculine
    (for goods) vehículo usado para repartos, transporte de mercancías etc