Translation of commercial paper in Spanish:

commercial paper

efectos negociables, n.



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    efectos negociables masculine
    papel comercial masculine
    • The increase in outstanding commercial paper in the first nine months of this year is equivalent to 17.1% of the increase in outstanding bank loans.
    • The financial sector has issued more than $1.2 trillion of commercial paper, using proceeds to fund more risky credits.
    • But we do know that only $194 billion of the $1.4 trillion of outstanding commercial paper has been issued by ‘non-financial’ borrowers.
    • Financial sector commercial paper borrowings have increased at a 36% annualized rate over the past seven weeks.
    • It is Wall Street that is behind the enormous expansion of commercial paper, repos, and other money market instruments.
    • The fund is invested in high-quality, short-term financial instruments including commercial paper, certificates of deposit, fixed bonds, floating rate notes, corporate and bank paper and deposits.
    • The company also cut the amount of commercial paper it issued as part of total debt.
    • Interestingly, we see that financial sector commercial paper expanded by $19 billion last week.
    • It is at this point worth noting that there were a stunning $1.15 trillion of outstanding financial sector commercial paper borrowings as of Wednesday.
    • A modern version of the promissory notes is the sterling commercial paper or certificate of deposit.
    • The primary purpose of such vehicles is to issue commercial paper and use the proceeds to purchase various higher-yielding financial assets.
    • You see, short-term borrowings, largely commercial paper, are the major source of funding for the enormous growth in the US financial sector.
    • Financial sector commercial paper borrowings are down almost $40 billion from July highs.
    • After three weeks of decline, commercial paper outstanding increased $7.7 billion.
    • Not surprisingly, financial sector commercial paper borrowings comprised $16.3 billion of the increase.
    • Growth also continues in financial sector commercial paper borrowings as they have increased marginally during the first four weeks of January.
    • Commerce doesn't raise money for loans by issuing commercial paper.
    • Total commercial paper borrowings dropped $11.8 billion, with financial sector borrowing down $13.9 billion.
    • Borrowing with commercial paper is again becoming significantly cheaper than borrowing long-term.
    • In the 1990s large non-financial as well as financial companies received most of their short-term credit in the commercial paper market, stopping off at the banks only to arrange very cheap backup lines.