Translation of commis in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒmi//ˈkɑmi/



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    ayudante de cocinero o camarero
    • ‘We don't use that name in this kitchen,’ explains the commis quietly.
    • And if the father is not a cordon bleu chef, he could still be a commis chef and clean the pots and pans.
    • Flinn arrived as a commis chef and left two years later as a junior sous.
    • Everyone grew something: lettuce, radishes, spring onions, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflowers, new potatoes - it was the job of us junior commis chefs to prepare the salad ingredients for Sunday tea.
    • I sat in on the ‘stocks and sauces’ day, acting as commis chef for John, and came away having learned more than I care to admit.
    • The contest brings together 24 invited countries from around the world, challenging 24 chefs and their commis to be judged by the most senior chefs in the world.
    • The chef takes me into the restaurant's kitchen, where he introduces me to Ashley, a commis chef who cuts his chips.
    • Sensing a kindred spirit rather than a workplace to avoid, Dempsey applied for a job and was appointed commis chef at the bottom of the kitchen hierarchy.
    • I imagine chefs bully their commis now by shouting: ‘What's your motivation for this collection of ingredients?’
    • One of those ‘dedicated young folk’ is Gareth Williams, 20-year-old commis chef at a hotel and restaurant in Great Broughton.
    • It was enough to impress Ramsay who took him on as a commis chef.
    • At one restaurant we had a commis obsessed with his appearance, he would spend more attention on hanging up his civvies and polishing his shoes than he would on chopping chiffonade or puréeing the soup, a disgrace.
    • I've yet to come across a restaurant that said: ‘We're taking 20% off the bill due to boring vegetables, frozen fish and an inexperienced commis chef.’
    • Donnybrook Fair has two full-time chefs and four commis chefs, who prepare food daily in the on-site kitchen.
    • After attending catering college in Bolton I became commis chef.
    • Some of them would also require a professional kitchen and a staff of three or four commis, but I find it of the utmost interest to learn how the real guys work, and what it takes to bring three-star restaurant food to life.
    • She is living with her parents in east London and working as a commis chef in a local gastro pub.
    • When she first came here she started working behind the bar, but she fancied being a chef, so a space became free, and we trained her as a commis chef.
    • He had seen this holiday job as a route into one of the hierarchical kitchens of a big Parisian hotel, and he duly landed a job as a commis, the lowest rung, but he was never born to be a porter and peeler.
    • Some chefs on TV, I wouldn't even give them a job as a commis.