Translation of commiseration in Spanish:


conmiseración, n.

Pronunciation /kəˌmɪzəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//kəˌmɪzəˈreɪʃn/


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    conmiseración feminine
    I can only offer my commiserations solo puedo decirle cuánto lo siento
    • Our commiserations to the under-14s who were recently beaten in the final of the Laois Féile by Portlaoise in a very exciting game.
    • My commiserations to those poor unfortunate souls who returned to college today.
    • I'm raising a glass for you, whether for celebrations or commiserations.
    • The clerks, now ignoring me, continued their cheery boasts of difficult finds and commiserations on last minute telephone requests.
    • Some prominent Americans think that Cuba's would-be critics need our assistance, not just our commiseration.
    • Meanwhile commiserations to four former City players who appeared for Southport in their 1-0 FA Trophy defeat to Cheltenham Town at Wembley on Sunday.
    • Commiserations to the u - 21s who were beaten by Camross / Kyle in the final last Saturday.
    • To the victors our sincere congratulations, to the vanquished our equally sincere commiserations.
    • I offer you my commiserations on the situation in which you find yourself.
    • Commiserations to the seniors who lost the quarter final championship match to Moorefield on Sunday evening in Newbridge.
    • As he blew the final whistle Collina walked over to the distraught Kahn to offer his commiserations but Kahn was unmoved.
    • To the tens of millions who voted for John Kerry, my commiserations.
    • Offering their hands, their congratulations were merely my commiserations.
    • Commiserations to Anna on missing the guild's trip to Tenerife.
    • Commiserations to our footballers who were defeated in their eastern Intermediate semifinal on Saturday evening in Fenor against a stronger De La Salle side.
    • And you had the immediate feedback, the jubilation or the commiserations.
    • For those of you who missed the Ashes series - my commiserations.
    • Congratulations, or commiserations, are due to them all.
    • Commiserations are extended to Carnacon Under 16 girls who lost their semi-final 4-9 to 3-7 to Kilmovee at the weekend.
    • I just want to send my commiserations to his family for what they must be going through.