Translation of commitment in Spanish:


responsabilidad, n.

Pronunciation /kəˈmɪtm(ə)nt//kəˈmɪtmənt/


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    • 1.1

      (responsibility) responsabilidad feminine
      (obligation) obligación feminine
      a family is a major commitment una familia es una gran responsabilidad
      • he has no family commitments no tiene obligaciones / cargas familiares
      • I've taken on too many financial commitments he contraído demasiados compromisos financieros
      • to meet one's commitments hacer frente a sus (or mis etc.) compromisos / obligaciones
      • there's no commitment to join/buy no hay (ninguna) obligación / ningún compromiso de afiliarse/comprar
      • I've been absent this week due to intensive work and social commitments.
      • I had no idea, you know, everything, but I knew would it would be a major commitment, as Chris can tell you.
      • Injuries and work commitments restricted Town to jut 13 men and their lack of substitutes took its toll.
      • He will not be coming back to the club next season because of domestic commitments.
      • They never fail to honour their commitments and obligations with generosity and a willingness to give of their time so freely.
      • Reasons cited for the delays included members having other commitments and difficulties in obtaining data.
      • Despite his business commitments, Martin insists on milking his 50 cows at least once per day.
      • Men had restricted their work commitments or limited their career goals to benefit their personal or family life.
      • Ditka says he was honored to be approached by Republican leaders, but has business commitments.
      • It was a special feeling for Celtic fans so often suffocated down the years by domestic commitments.
      • Travel plans may change, as you are unsure about business commitments.
      • Though he may never truly retire, around July 16 he may decide to step down from some business commitments.
      • You are blessed with clarity of vision and true perspective in personal relationships and business commitments.
      • We were due to go with them this year, but couldn't due to Carl's business commitments.
      • However, her social commitment made her seek different avenues.
      • Your social and professional commitments keep you busy and occupied today.
      • This year, as the market cooled and his business commitments intensified, he's cut back to about once a month.
      • He was obliged to miss the Singapore and Malaysian events due to domestic cup final commitments.
      • Even a brief holiday was interrupted by business commitments.
      • They resist commitments - marriage, mortgages, careers or social engagements.

    • 1.2(engagement)

      compromiso masculine

    • 1.3(guarantee, promise)

      garantías feminine
      we are seeking a commitment that … queremos que se nos den garantías de que …
      • Given that a commitment was given to under-take this work, why are we now back in the situation that no progress has been made on the matter?
      • All the other commitments on that pledge card were about redistributing income, not about increasing it.
      • Listening to you and your interests will be a new commitment I will undertake during my term.
      • Unfortunately these commitments are strong on promises but extremely short on actions.
      • He said the charity has taken on a serious commitment and undertaken a legal obligation with the NHS trust.
      • Knight will continue to play for the club, but wants more time to be able to deal with his other commitments as well as prepare for his career after cricket.
      • It will be interesting to see if these commitments cover the promises made about WRH.
      • We accept that more work is required in certain areas and are satisfied with the commitments to undertake this.
      • We have made our commitments - the six pledges - and that's what we're fighting on.
      • Mr Deering assured councillors that the county manager had given a commitment that a decision would be made on the matter shortly.
      • There was just one question about current contractual commitments, which we think could be resolved.
      • Hirst throughout his life always became unhappy when commitments prevented him from undertaking mathematical research.
      • ‘This is about keeping a commitment, delivering promises and being true to our convictions,’ he said.
      • The decision reveals a commitment that is essential to successful Labor leadership.
      • At that time international contracts or commitments would be worthless.
      • Or will voters demand credible assurances of a such commitment?
      • I am calling on the minister to intervene now and have the contractor give a commitment as to the completion date.
      • The Guarantee makes 12 commitments to patients about their records.
      • But most European Union countries are failing to meet their commitments under the pact.
      • Questions about each of the commitments in the contract could be asked.

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    • 2.1(to relationship)

      I'm not looking for commitment right now no quiero una relación a largo plago por ahora

    • 2.2(dedication)

      dedicación feminine
      entrega feminine
      commitment to sth dedicación / entrega a algo
      • he requires great commitment from his students exige de sus alumnos verdadera dedicación
      • This solicitor's dedication and commitment to human rights and suspected miscarriages of law is tireless.
      • The award ceremony recognised police men and women for their bravery, commitment to service and dedication to the job.
      • The report goes on to highlight the council's strong commitment to improving the quality of provision for special education needs.
      • Our ability to demonstrate and articulate our commitment to quality is becoming increasingly important in today's environment.
      • He thanked them for their work on the book and their commitment to delivering a quality product.
      • His dedication and commitment to his work was reflected in the many tributes paid to him by his colleagues and by the farming community in every county in which he worked.
      • Her dedication and commitment to the pupils over the past seven years has brought the school to the forefront in many areas.
      • Throughout his working life, he brought qualities of loyalty and commitment to his profession.
      • The officers, executive members, managers, trainers and selectors were complimented for their dedication and commitment to the running of the club.
      • He is an inspiration to all of our members and it is great to see someone who gave a life-long dedication and commitment to the club honoured in this way.
      • When educators and learners have self-control and show dedication and commitment to their work, you are most likely to have a fruitful and productive day.
      • It takes an enormous level of commitment to attain quality and excellence.
      • Integrity is that eye for quality, that commitment to doing it right the first time.
      • Making the extra effort and being willing to assist in emergency situations like Bob did shows dedication and commitment to ensuring the safety of our passengers.
      • This sort of commitment to quality and service gives other restaurants something to aspire to.
      • He commended the award winners for their dedication and commitment to the game.
      • This legislation demonstrates the Government's commitment to quality public broadcasting, and its awareness of the key role of public television.
      • It is the quality of commitment, commitment to the service of others.
      • To recognise that the professions, the government, and the public share a common interest and commitment to improving the quality of services for patients
      • What they are missing, though, are players who can bring both quality and commitment to the Newcastle cause.

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    asignación feminine
    the government has increased its research commitment el gobierno ha aumentado los fondos destinados a la investigación
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    (of bill)
    remisión a una comisión feminine