Translation of committee in Spanish:


comité, n.

Pronunciation: /kəˈmɪdi//kəˈmɪti/


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    (of club, society) comité masculine
    (of club, society) comisión feminine
    (of parliament) comisión feminine
    (chair/member/meeting) (before noun) del comité
    (chair/member/meeting) (before noun) de la comisión
    to be on a committee ser miembro de un comité / una comisión
    • it was discussed in committee se discutió en un comité
    • the executive committee el comité ejecutivo
    • committee room sala de reuniones del comité/de la comisión
    • the bill is at committee stage el proyecto de ley está siendo estudiado por una comisión parlamentaria
    • A special word of thanks to all the committee members who work tirelessly behind the scenes.
    • Also, many thanks to all the committee members who generously gave of their time.
    • That was a decision made by the Committee of the whole House.
    • Leaving judgement to a parliamentary committee invites a decision on party lines.
    • However, Parliamentary committees have been established in the UK to examine proposed European legislation and other community matters.
    • The two relevant parliamentary committees that have so far considered it have recommended that Berry is given the independent inquiry he seeks.
    • I therefore intend to move a Supplementary Order Paper at the Committee of the whole House to replace that clause and to clarify the intent of the original clause.
    • The new organization set up a parliamentary committee in 1871 to lobby on legislation.
    • People wishing to join the draw should contact any committee member of the club.
    • Because the Scottish parliament has no second chamber, the committees must act as an even-handed forum to ensure that legislation is fair and foolproof.
    • Instead of having formal legislative powers, like the House of Lords, he suggested parliamentary committees could refer questions to the advisory panel.
    • The committee also noted that members cannot benefit financially from the trust.
    • I was a member of the committee that looked at the restructuring of the producer boards.
    • The Committee of the whole House then considers the bill.
    • Another way of looking at the point raised in committee is that if the bill is to benefit the language then it will cost money.
    • All families who use our services, and past committee members and staff are welcome.
    • She even alleged he tried to prevent her from appearing before key parliamentary committees on the accounting mess.
    • The Fraud Bill has now been committed to a Committee of the Whole House.
    • He agreed with much Mr Kearley had said, and would be prepared to consider amendments in committee.
    • Mr Merrick thanked all the festival volunteers and the members of the various committees who organised different events.
    • Full credit to the members of the organising committee who worked so hard to make the night such a success.
    • Area committee members will also visit the streets before their next meeting.
    • I will not ask the Minister about them now, because I know the time will come during the select committee stage and the Committee of the whole House.
    • Those will be debated at school board finance committee meetings over the next three months.
    • At a meeting of the planning committee this week, members voted whether to take out a commitment order.
    • As the committee members agreed, the office has put out some very effective reports.
    • Shouldn't one of the parliament's committees investigate this total waste of money?
    • I am a member of that committee, and I am sure that we will give the bill the attention it deserves.
    • Several committees of the European Parliament had recommended such a course of action before any agreement was concluded.
    • He is now urging the parliament's powerful environment committee to mount an investigation.
    • Identical reports might elicit different responses from different committees.
    • Members of the carnival committee scour Europe for the best street performers.
    • An emergency meeting of the committee members met last Friday to decide what action to take.
    • He has given evidence to numerous parliamentary committees.
    • If no one objects, it will be discussed in further detail in committee, before moving on to the House of Commons.
    • However, a Bill may be examined in a Committee of the Whole House.
    • It was a highly successful event and a credit to the organisers and committee members.
    • Moreover, it should be noted that other parliamentary committees can also play a role in the supervision of legislation.
    • The opposition, however, has proposed amendments that contradict the parliamentary joint committees recommendations.
    • This is a measure that that Minister will need to justify clause by clause to the House and to the Committee of the whole House as she insists on taking this legislation through all its stages over the next day or two.
    • The screens will allow passers-by to see what is going on inside the debating chamber of the Parliament and its committees.
    • Anyone interested in joining the show committee can contact any committee member for information.
    • The committee members attended a function in the Civic Offices last Friday night.
    • It was reasonable to defend the committee's reasoning, although not all defences found favour.
    • Members wishing to take part in first league please notify any committee member.
    • The members of the committee will have to go back and talk about the issue until they can come to a decision.
    • After a first year of finding their feet, the parliamentary committees are well placed to make key contributions to Scotland's governance.