Translation of communication in Spanish:


comunicación, n.

Pronunciation: /kəˌmjunəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n//kəmjuːnɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(act)

      comunicación feminine
      to be in/get into communication (with sb) estar/ponerse en comunicación / en contacto (con algn)
      • lines of communication líneas de comunicación
      • ‘We firmly believe that theatre is an effective medium of communication,’ said the spokesperson of the organisation.
      • We are in communication with the museum quite regularly and are hoping the application will be passed.
      • Fong said the foreigners must now be able to understand or speak either one of the two languages in order to help in communication with local employers.
      • She said that with regard to the recent bird flu cases in Thailand, Hong Kong needed to be on the alert, aware and in communication with the mainland and other neighbouring countries.
      • Effective communication encourages routine exchange of data and information.
      • We are in communication with owners, prospective purchasers and the local community.
      • He expected a decision in the matter shortly and would be in communication with the school authorities as soon as possible.
      • Therefore, physicians must provide more time for these patients to enhance communication and foster information exchange.
      • Simple improvements such as good direct communication between the receiving hospital and the ambulance crew have yet to be achieved.
      • An agent, who I have been in communication with for a while now, managed to come and see the play and is considering signing me onto his books.
      • Because I'm currently in communication with some producers about being on one.
      • Sure, we've not only sent out letters as I've said, we visit them, we're in communication with them.
      • Obviously, we're in communication with the London authorities and trying to understand what the facts are.
      • I shall use the same medium of communication as I believe that the information I give will reach the wider public.
      • Languages were flawless and they were just mediums of interaction and communication, he added.
      • I have recently done some traveling and every day I am in communication with people from all over the world.
      • If there were survivors on the raft, why haven't we heard from them, and what relationship do they have with Elian and his family, and are they in communication with each other?
      • Thus it is possible to protect the intellectual property of online material and to support confidential exchange of communication between students.
      • Strangely she's the only one who isn't in communication with the rest of us.
      • We can confirm that we have been in communication with the applicant and have responded fully to any concerns raised by her.

    • 1.2formal (message)

      comunicación feminine formal
      • Businesses depend upon e-mail for basic communications and transfer of information.
      • Make certain a communication is genuine and information accurate before using it in a story.
      • Fourth, they won unusually complete access to sources of information, including e-mail communications among major participants.
      • But Downing Street last night insisted any communications received by him had no bearing on his appointments to the government benches, which were made on merit.
      • Such messages may be brief notes, communications like traditional letters, or electronic files.
      • The tenor of these personal communications was reflected in letters to newspapers and by the anchor men on call back radio who invited their listeners to take sides over Dr. Ashrawi's selection.
      • Finally, I get very few postal mail communications from merchants.
      • They received several communications from the alleged person.
      • Important visitors, messages and communications from overseas can be expected.
      • Voters receive frequent campaign communications during the closing days of the campaign.
      • Mary told the meeting she had also received a lot of communications about this planning application and confirmed that there were many people very much against the proposed mast.
      • While it will be relatively straightforward to inform employees of monitoring, it will be more difficult to inform those sending communications from outside.
      • At an earlier hearing he pleaded guilty to sending an electronic communication with intent to cause distress.
      • The intensive sessions are focused around special themes, including official letters, administrative reports, and professional communications.
      • If you fail to respond to this letter and the pending communications from my legal representatives, you have one other option.
      • ‘We do communications, messaging and distribution,’ said Moloney.
      • News, views and communications can be interesting and revealing.
      • By working over distributed areas, IT can bring remote offices back into the content fold and make sure to produce consistent messages and communications.
      • In an email communication he quoted to me the following.
      • He began communicating a year ago sending packages and communications to local media and to the police.

  • 2

    (means of communicating)
    (feminine plural) comunicaciones
    to cut/restore communications cortar/restablecer las comunicaciones
    • there are poor road communications between the capital and the coast hay muy malas comunicaciones viales entre la capital y la costa
    • before noun communications center / centre centro de comunicaciones
    • communications network red de comunicaciones
    • communications satellite satélite de telecomunicaciones
    • communications software paquete de comunicaciones