Translation of communicative in Spanish:


comunicativo, adj.

Pronunciation /kəˈmjunɪkədɪv//kəˈmjunəˌkeɪdɪv//kəˈmjuːnɪkətɪv/


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    • A doctor with whom you have a good, communicative and friendly relationship is a rare beast.
    • With a good score behind him and a couple of good catches, he was soon the most communicative person on the field.
    • His social skills improved so that he became more communicative, conversational and animated.
    • I think your plan to stay open and communicative is vital.
    • My vet is not very communicative or easy to get a call back once the initial treatment is set.
    • I also became noticeably more accessible and communicative.
    • Never very communicative or outgoing, he continued to work but not to speak.
    • If that doesn't work then try to be communicative with other people in your class.
    • It sends a message, it is communicative, and it seeks to impact the situation on the ground in a way which leverages a weak tactical situation.
    • As a result, Suzanne's songs use a language that is simple, communicative and often surprising, particularly for the unexpected stories she chooses to tell.
    • All six of Cooper's dancers have a strong classical ballet technique from which to push off into the modern, innovative and communicative dance they aspire to perform.
    • He's a straight-talking and personable man and the expectation is that people and priests will find him approachable and communicative.
    • They even adopted the boy, whom they recall as a lively, communicative, and welcomed member of the family.
    • While you're in a communicative mood, please let us know what you think of our articles, and what subjects you'd like us to cover.
    • Being communicative and self-motivated, she found that soon she was able to do the job without difficulty.
    • Generally, girls start off in school being more articulate and communicative than their male primary friends.
    • The immediacy of his communicative performance made up more than enough for the occasional flat notes of which there were precious few in any case.
    • You can see people being more affectionate with their children and personally more communicative.
    • Marcus was confused when he arrived in the hospital, poorly communicative (not his usual self).
    • At the moment, Smart is being open and communicative, signs that she has coped well.