Translation of communion in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /kəˈmjunjən//kəˈmjuːnjən/


  • 1

    • 1.1(Eucharist)

      Holy Communion la Santa / Sagrada Comunión
      • to take Communion recibir la comunión / la eucaristía
      • before noun communion cup cáliz
      • communion rail comulgatorio
      • [as modifier] communion service comunión

    • 1.2(denomination)

      confesión feminine
      • He courageously describes the discrimination and harm often visited upon one of Christianity's oldest communions - the Coptic Church.
      • In some communions the clergy are the sole enunciators of Scripture.
      • The Communion is made up of some thirty-eight provinces, most of which are in the Third World.
      • The advert says, ‘We are Christians, from different communions.’
      • In a Communion made up of many different churches, discernment is required to identify what in any particular context are the crucial issues for the life of the Church.
      • The king denied papal authority over England, and the Anglican Communion was born.
      • This document still serves as a primary point of reference for Anglican dialogue with other Christian communions.
      • It was once alleged that the provinces in the Communion were held together by the Book of Common Prayer.
      • It is possible, and it certainly is to be hoped, that the church as the worldwide communion of Anglican churches is presently undergoing renewal and reinvention.
      • Compared with the Book of Common Prayer, modern prayer books in the Anglican Communion are grossly overweight.
      • Today, the major Christian communions largely support democracy, even while necessarily retaining the right to criticize democratic decisions in the name of religious truth claims.
      • This celebration of the relationship between two pilgrimage cathedrals was also a sign of mutual respect and affection between our two communions.
      • He is, he insisted, Anglican and part of the ecclesial communion called Anglicanism.
      • The First World War boosted pacifism among Baptists as well as among other Christian communions.
      • How far can membership of a Communion of churches help a local church to discern what are the crucial issues in its own situation?
      • Catholics, Orthodox and some older Protestant communions hold that membership in a church is an intrinsic feature of any relationship with God.
      • The Alpha course is eclectic in its choice of quotes from the various religious communions.

  • 2formal

    (exchange of ideas, fellowship)
    comunión feminine