Translation of community worker in Spanish:

community worker

asistente social, n.


  • 1

    asistente social feminine
    trabajador social masculine Mexico
    trabajadora social feminine Mexico
    visitador social masculine Chile
    visitadora social feminine Chile
    • But one of the most positive things to happen is the employment of the community worker.
    • A Manchester community worker said: ‘Local people want to see this site flourish, we need it to and I hope it does.’
    • It seems clear that young Asians initiated the trouble and there are lots of explanations as to why, but a local community worker outlined one common factor.
    • While in Bradford he took a degree in applied social studies and afterwards worked for the probation service and as a community worker and social worker in the city.
    • It will house health visitors, a community nursery nurse and two children's workers as well as a home visitor and a community worker.
    • Coming through this, he developed a new career as a community worker in Belfast, where he experienced many stressful situations typical to the two communities he was trying to help.
    • Stephanie is a committed community worker in the area.
    • They say that after the Oldham riots, Greater Manchester Fire Service recruited a community worker to develop a network of contacts and increase trust and confidence.
    • She worked as a community worker and in an Asian women's refuge for several years after graduating from Oxford University.
    • A community worker who ran an education project helping more than 600 Bradford youngsters and their families has been named as the first director of an organisation aiming to help meet the needs of black and ethnic minorities.
    • He is a community worker in Manchester, invests in property and coaches an in-line skating team
    • A Bradford community worker has won a national award for his outstanding contribution to charity.
    • Ron, a dedicated community worker, was also the former chairman of the Genesis project - which helps families on the Haverfield estate in Brentford.
    • The meeting heard she had overcome an underprivileged childhood to be a staunch community worker in several local organisations.
    • A COMMITTED community worker who helped thousands of Rochdale residents over years of public service has died.
    • I have a friend who is a community worker; she used to relish any chance to take a minibus full of young people under the Clyde.
    • A conscientious community worker, MacIver intends to build on the relationship they have established with the teenage groups.
    • The charity even supplied a community worker to help the family.
    • He has been a community worker at a local drugs rehabilitation centre for four months.