Translation of commuter in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kəˈmjuːtə//kəˈmjudər/


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    before noun the commuter belt barrios periféricos y otros lugares dentro de un área más amplia alrededor de una ciudad, desde los cuales viaja un commuter
    • commuter train tren de cercanías
    • What the metro will do is reduce the travel time by at least half for most commuters.
    • Traffic started to build up in the city at around 6am, with thousands of commuters late for work.
    • I have to learn from the thousands of commuters who travel a long way to work every day.
    • One Marlborough women commuter who travels to London daily said she had used Swindon station instead.
    • More early morning rain and mist is also on the way for commuters as they travel to work the following morning.

    persona que viaja diariamente una distancia considerable entre su lugar de residencia y el de trabajo