Translation of companion in Spanish:


compañero, n.

Pronunciation: /kəmˈpænjən//kəmˈpanjən/


  • 1

    • 1.1(associate, comrade)

      compañero masculine
      compañera feminine
      a traveling/drinking companion un compañero de viaje/de copas
      • How offensive then must I appear and smell to my companions in misery.
      • Paul usually chose one or more companions for his travels.
      • My two companions regularly travelled here after the attacks, giving what help they could.
      • Any known medical condition or information regarding your health should be made known to your travel companion.
      • Then she passes the diary on to her travelling companions, each of whom write in it too.
      • After having been told the names of their companions in this adventure, each filmmaker had to agree to work without any knowledge of what the others were doing.
      • But my companions and I have traveled very far and very long to find you.
      • Fear remains a frequent companion along with my resolve and passion to live an authentic life.
      • Over the years, the Doctor and his companions travelled both forward and backward in time.
      • His consternation increased upon discovering that he had only two travelling companions aboard the entire train.
      • Does ‘our’ refer to the speaker and his fellow nationals and companions in arms or to himself and his Beloved?
      • His four travelling companions were also stopped from boarding the plane, and the luggage of all six was unloaded.
      • Could it be that this missionary contemplative and this contemplative missionary are companions in a joint work of grace?
      • If you're traveling with a pet companion then this can often be invaluable.
      • I'm also very grateful to my travel companions, who rallied round me, helped me carry my luggage, and looked out for me in crowds.
      • It has been three evenings since the hobbits, Frodo and Sam, parted from their companions in their journey towards Mordor with the Ring.
      • The green leaves have been my companions in all the weathers of my life, and this is where I have come up with the solutions to life's worries and problems.
      • For the last hour or so I returned to the dance floor solo, where I had another chance to see how my various travelling companions were getting on.
      • But you, you who are now my only companions in this humorless existence, you will have my only contribution to the future.
      • He was the man who started that long four-man break, and on the final climb he was the man who soloed away and left his struggling breakaway companions in the dust.
      • My two travelling companions were far better prepared.
      • Can you give a description of each of the companions who will travel with you?
      • This was also the opinion of many of my travelling companions, some of whom travel widely.
      • He is my brother, and I don't want to talk about my companions in this struggle.
      • It was the work of Florence Nightingale and her companions in the Crimea that did more than anything else to establish female nursing as a respectable career.
      • She let her clear blue eyes travel over his companions.
      • His companions in the struggle for freedom surrounded him.
      • Other cardiac stressors include arguments with travel companions and the lack of privacy in shared accommodations.
      • We are not apt to fear for the fearless when we are companions in their danger, and Bob's mind was absorbed in possible expedients for the safety of the helpless in-doors.
      • Though she wouldn't admit it to herself, she was secretly glad to have a companion to accompany her on her long journey.
      • Outside, sitting at a low table, were my travel companions.
      • Adam turned to see Ted, Wilson's friend and ever-present companion in trouble.
      • Trapeze artists, clowns, and ragamuffins were his companions in this enclosed universe of painted horses and pedlars with their orientalist wares.
      • Traveling companions should know the early signs of hypoglycemia.

    • 1.2(employee)

      dama de compañía feminine
      señorita de compañía feminine
      señora de compañía feminine

  • 2

    (accompanying item)
    compañero masculine
    pareja feminine
    before noun companion volume libro que acompaña o complementa a otro
  • 3

    guía feminine
    manual masculine
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    (in UK, in titles)

    grado más bajo en algunas órdenes de caballería