Translation of compartment in Spanish:


compartimento, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpɑːtm(ə)nt//kəmˈpɑrtmənt/


  • 1

    (of bag, desk, refrigerator)
    compartimento masculine
    compartimiento masculine
    • He found a large plastic container in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator containing what appeared to be frozen soup.
    • Indeed, imagine a box divided by a partition into two compartments.
    • There's also a separate shoe compartment with locking zippers.
    • Use the local fishmonger instead of buying fish fingers from the freezer compartment.
    • The lower section even contains a compartment offering an additional five litres of storage space.
    • There should be compartments and pockets and pouches to hold stuff like your coins, keys and cell phone
    • It has a deluxe extendable handle that locks into place, as well as a separate shoe compartment and six large accessory pockets.
    • More smoke sensors will be installed and internal walls will be extended upwards into the roof void to create compartments to help to contain the spread of any future fire.
    • I appreciated the small compartments as a business traveler.
    • Lunchtime would see meals served in pressed metal trays with different compartments where the railway catering staff has placed the rice, curd, vegetables, and a curl of pickle with a pinch of salt.
    • A container with no set compartments or shelves can be modified and improved.
    • Similar to an airplane meal in presentation, the food is served in various compartments of a square container that can be used for everything from a takeout lunch to a well-balanced supper.
    • Delivery vans are equipped with fridge and freezer compartments in order to ensure goods arrive in perfect condition.
    • I only discovered our fridge had a freezer compartment 6 weeks ago.
    • On that occasion, the group had braved freezing conditions crammed under a carriage in a compartment designed for luggage or freight.
    • It also features a separate shoe compartment to store and protect shoes up to size U.S. men's 13.
    • Everyday tasks such as going to the supermarket are tough when you can't reach the shelves or peer into the freezer compartments.
    • These may be as simple as a moveable bin formed by wire mesh or a more substantial structure consisting of several compartments.
    • Each of the three compartments inside contains a muddle of cheap plastic widgets.
    • Veréd Cosmetiqué's bronzing powder is encased in a beautiful silver compact with a mirror and separate compartment for the brush applicator.
  • 2British

    (in train)
    compartimento masculine
    compartimiento masculine
    • That sound was probably just part of the brakes, and I now see that a freight train is passing us on the right (our compartment is on the left).
    • Tickets cost 22 leva an adult for first class compartments.
    • We reserved 6 reclining seats - 3 and 3 facing each other in a closed compartment.
    • The sequence built around the delivery of a child in a railway compartment is movingly handled.
    • However, there are also trains with first class compartments and air conditioning, which are clean, comfortable, and cost about the same price as taking a plane for the same distance.
    • The carriage which included the two compartments in question was uncoupled and side-tracked.
    • The next thing she knew, she was lying on the floor of the first-class compartment being worked on by two doctors.
    • At workplaces, bus-stations and inside railway compartments, the blabber is scarcely about anything but cricket.
    • On one of the tables in the first class compartments were two empty bottles of champagne.
    • Since our compartment was at the downstairs rear of the last car on the train, we were last for dinner reservations call.
    • For the time being, home was a railway compartment with a very hard bunk, in a train which made many inexplicable stops.
    • The teak-bodied carriage has two first-class compartments - one for smokers and the other for non-smokers - and two toilets.
    • I don't know why but it was not blacked out so you could see in the compartment.
    • As the railway compartment became a popular venue for fictional mayhem when crime fiction flowered from the later Victorian years almost all cases involved men attacking men.
    • Chuckling, the gentleman opened the door leading from the reserved coach to the sleeping compartments beyond.
    • As for ringing ahead to my parents waiting to pick me up, I ensure that I leave the carriage compartment when I ring them.
    • Vronsky noticed the charming woman as he made his way to the first-class compartment that he shared with his mother.
    • He was, moreover, renowned for the speed with which he could dash off an article in a railway compartment, a cricket pavilion, or in whatever place he could snatch a few minutes.
    • In sleeping carriages as well as in trains with only one carriage, smoking compartments must be designated.
    • I forgot to mention that the PA system in our compartment doesn't work.