Translation of competence in Spanish:


competencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmpədəns//ˈkɒmpɪt(ə)ns/


  • 1

    competencia feminine
    capacidad feminine
    I don't doubt his competence as a teacher, but … no dudo de su competencia como profesor, pero …
    • a certain level of competence in French un cierto nivel (de conocimientos) de francés
    • Some employees are enthusiastic about their supervisor's competence and skills.
    • A similar pattern of results was found across the measurement domains of child behavior, parenting skills and competence, and relationship adjustment.
    • A further controversial point was the competence and skill available to the different types of audit organizations.
    • In our experience, the competence and skills of traditional birth attendants may vary widely across settings.
    • Increasing job seekers' competence in basic skills and unskilled labor may have positive results for transitioning welfare recipients into the workforce.
    • She had many friends and related openly and well to me, implying skills in social competence.
    • Their demonstrated skills and competence are envied by other servicemembers.
    • Although it took time for their concerns to be heard, they consistently voiced their concerns about the surgeon's competence and skill level.
    • It is hardly surprising that faculty members have taken to heart offensive comments about their professional competence, teaching skills, or personal lives.
    • The learners must demonstrate competence in all technical skills by performing the tasks.
    • Knowledge, awareness and sensitivity become important elements in developing the skills of cultural competence.
  • 2

    competencia feminine
    to be within/beyond the competence of the court ser/no ser (de la) competencia del tribunal
    • There is no doubt that the court, not the arbitral tribunal, has the competence to determine the court's own jurisdiction in respect of the action that is brought before it.
    • Appeal to a Court whose competence is extra-European does not contribute to the progressive formation of European unity.
    • Recently, some of the first cases involving a breach by Member States in the sphere of the Community's external competence reached the Court.
    • Unsurprisingly, provinces can't legislate on matters of federal competence and nor can Parliament legislate on matters of provincial competence.
    • In every case when establishing the territorial competence of any given Italian Court, there is implied acceptance of the fact that the specific Court also has Italian jurisdiction.
    • However, whether a court with competence should actually vary a foreign trust raises a question governed by the applicable law of the trust.
    • Privatisation of municipal enterprises falls within the competence of the municipal councils.
    • In my submission, the extraterritorial legislative competence does not depend on how another State has dealt with the subject matter.
    • He claimed that the International Court of Justice in The Hague is the only body with the authority and competence to hear arguments concerning the war's legality.
    • Finally, a ‘Sea-bed Disputes Chamber’ of the Law of the Sea Tribunal has competence over disputes concerning seabed operations and the ISBA.
    • He began by trying to identify the pith and substance of the Safe Streets Act in order to determine if, at least facially, it dealt with matters within provincial legislative competence.
    • The legislation containing a ban will be on public health grounds, a policy area within the competence of the Scottish parliament.
    • But the courts have no competence to nullify, repeal or amend the legislation in question.
    • I refer, also, to the powers of general competence of local authorities.
    • They were concerned more with the manner in which the court should exercise its jurisdiction than with its competence to entertain the motion before it.
    • The Commission's role relates only to its legal powers and competence.
    • Reports are also filed by specialized agencies with competence in relevant matters.
    • A court's competence to grant an anti-suit injunction seems to derive from its jurisdiction to adjudicate.
    • The Court further agreed with the Commission that the primary purpose of the requirement that trade between Member States be affected was to allow for jurisdictional competence to be determined.
    • The Assembly is given competence to exercise legislative authority in respect of those matters falling under the responsibility of the six Northern Ireland Government Departments.