Translation of competition in Spanish:


competencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑmpəˈtɪʃ(ə)n//kɒmpɪˈtɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(competing)

      competencia feminine
      free competition libre competencia
      • fair/unfair competition competencia leal/desleal
      • to be in competition with sb/sth competir con algn/algo

    • 1.2(opposition)

      competencia feminine
      • The company works ruthlessly to destroy any competition before the competition even gets a chance to mount a challenge in the marketplace.
      • For the latter, it is a case of ensuring the customer is aware of the service and is attracted to using it as opposed to the competition.
      • But if not, at least get over there, check out the competition, and link someone, okay?
      • In prehistoric times, natural disasters and competition with other species were the main causes.
      • Plant and animal competition is most marked on fertile soils of eutrophic forests and grasslands.
      • Jessica flicked the page over and checked out the competition.
      • For example, if one finds reduced nesting success, is it due to competition with an exotic species for a nest site?
      • Just be careful that you don't pan to the left or right to check out the competition.
      • Some, outside Scottish football, underestimate the competition.
      • We'll be showing more international cricket than all the competition put together, they said.
      • This assumption has not been tested for plants growing in competition with one another.
      • In the present study, small individuals of this species died in competition with large ones in field trials.
      • Italy had alerted the competition to their presence by winning all three group matches.

  • 2

    concurso masculine
    (literary) certamen masculine
    (literary) concurso masculine
    Sport competencia feminine Latin America
    Sport competición feminine Spain
    to enter a competition presentarse a un concurso / certamen
    • There are levels of hospitality appropriate for different competitions and events.
    • They went to international competitions to take on other nations' breakfasts.
    • From an early age, she took him and his sister to the theatre and to festivals where they took part in competitions.
    • We all go to Sydney's events and competitions so she has all the support she needs.
    • He said it is also one of the only competitions that operates across the island of Ireland.
    • For the Hammers, it was their first away win in eight games in all competitions.
    • I get a thrill from racing them in competitions but I have no interest in them mechanically.
    • I'd like to play in competitions where every game you can play against the best players of the world.
    • I have never been a great supporter of weblog competitions, as any regular reader of my site will tell you.
    • They have done well in some very difficult matches in knockout competitions this season.
    • Similarly, now is the time to start thinking about the next round of skills competitions.
    • Attractions will include painting and colouring competitions and balloon races.
    • There will be competitions for pupils and an awards ceremony at the end of the day as well as exhibitions by local firms.
    • This season she has not lost a match and just dropped two games in Irish competitions.
    • Denise, who has won many top prizes in cat photography competitions, said this one was special to her.
    • What's the point of producing red wine that wins competitions if no one wants to drink it?
    • No other event had so much fun as the three competitions for the children below age six.
    • All team competitions were a round robin affair with each team playing the other once.
    • Particularly if, as a member of this squad, he wins one of the biggest competitions in the world in his field.
    • This is the first robot event where all major types of robot competitions will be held at the same time.