Translation of complaint in Spanish:


queja, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpleɪnt//kəmˈpleɪnt/


  • 1

    (statement of displeasure)
    queja feminine
    reclamo masculine Latin America
    my main complaint was the food mi principal (motivo de) queja era la comida
    • to make a complaint reclamar
    • to lodge a complaint presentar una queja
    • they have no cause/grounds for complaint no tienen motivo de queja
    • It is also understood that complaints that he has been harassed by the media have been lodged with local Gardaí.
    • Yet, there are frequent complaints that his films are not easy to understand.
    • Traffic officers have received a number of complaints that drivers are skirting the barriers.
    • The tough measures are in response to complaints that the government was taken by surprise by the last protest.
    • I feel that because of the tremendous amount of complaints that they received last year they felt they had to do something.
    • Meanwhile, Lismore Council has responded to complaints that it is wasting water.
    • Having said that, we have received dozens of complaints about your statements at our meetings.
    • Over 40 per cent of households were dissatisfied with how complaints were handled.
    • And it's their response to the hordes of complaints that makes this ordeal even worse.
    • Some of the worst complaints that I received were about what was happening inside the interrogation rooms.
    • She refused to say whether she has received complaints that firms are feasting at the city trough.
    • The consumer watchdog received written complaints against 120 different airlines last year.
    • Residents-only parking in Witham is to be reviewed after complaints that the scheme is being abused.
    • At the time, TVB countered by saying that it was those complaints that were unhealthy.
    • I have some sympathy with his complaint.
    • They hauled the application back before them after complaints that the colour scheme had made the ride too imposing.
    • Council officials said there had also been complaints that bird seed might attract rats.
    • This followed complaints that drivers were flouting the one-way system because they could not see the sign until it was too late.
    • We have had only one complaint about the letter, and that was not from a church member but from a relative.
    • The latter system has been dogged by complaints that it can too easily be abused by people intent on fraud.
  • 2

    dolencia feminine formal
    afección feminine formal
    • The unit is primarily for the treatment of patients with a medical complaint or complication and are clinically deemed ‘low risk’.
    • He had been ill for some months and had various lung complaints and breathing difficulties.
    • Back pain is a complaint often associated with the squat exercise.
    • I was a remarkably regular attender at my doctor's surgery for a variety of minor complaints.
    • Some people suffer from specific back complaints that will always require complete rest.
    • Common gastrointestinal complaints such as gastroenteritis, gastritis, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea may occur in recovering patients.
    • Why didn't you go to the VA with a medical complaint?
    • Headache is the most common somatic complaint in children.
    • Iwan said that his uncle had a number of medical complaints such as hepatitis and diabetes.
    • They should never be allowed to talk about their medical complaints in public with decent people around.
    • Neck manipulation is often performed for minor complaints, yet carries a risk of major handicap.
    • A 43-year-old man was admitted with a chief complaint of seizures, fever, and possible aspiration pneumonia.
    • Many diseases or medical conditions have vertigo as an associated complaint, Gantz notes.
    • However, as time has gone by, I am more convinced than ever that infertility should be treated as a medical complaint, just as any other condition.
    • Perhaps the rain prevented other activities, but it seemed as if everyone in the homeless shelter had some medical complaint.
    • The doctor diagnosed the complaint as a cardiac problem and prescribed heart medicine.
    • Minerva has long believed that stress can trigger skin complaints, although some dermatologists disagree.
    • It is the presenting complaint in many conditions.
    • Credited for sorting out a vast array of mild complaints, these yellow tablets are a godsend.
    • They also use it to treat arthritis, gastrointestinal complaints and parasitic infections.