Translation of completion in Spanish:


finalización, n.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpliʃ(ə)n//kəmˈpliːʃn/


  • 1

    finalización feminine
    terminación feminine
    completion of the building work is scheduled for next year la finalización de las obras está prevista para el año próximo
    • It took about another 18 months before he got a cabinet minister interested enough in the project to promise further state funds for its completion.
    • Acceptance of the necessity of this reform appeared to be taking hold, also given the fact that completion of the process is necessary to ensuring level playing fields for those doing business.
    • It may become necessary to reconsider this partnership or agreement to accelerate completion of the process.
    • Following completion of the homologation process, the system will also be introduced in other countries and then only requires activation of the software already available.
    • Delegation of a new top level domain requires the completion of a number of procedures.
    • An offshoot of this characteristic is doing things piecemeal, so that completion is not a one-shot execution but an iterative process.
    • While some reconstructions can be completed in a single procedure, many techniques may require two or more operations for completion of the reconstructive process.
    • An animal model study will be required to confirm a greater strength of double-layer repairs after completion of the healing process.
    • Attention could shift between completing the task and the process of task completion.
    • Stars of classical theatre and the world of entertainment will donate their time and talents for two performances at the new Rose of Kingston theatre next month to help to raise funds for its completion.
    • Recently the law firm of McCarthy Tetrault has been retained to expedite completion of the registration process.
    • He said building work to the centre was ‘on schedule’, but was likely to still be in the process of completion at Christmas.
    • The Federation Bells are in an ongoing process of completion.
    • About 82 partnership aims have been improved on, and another 34 are in the process of completion.
    • After all, some tasks require the completion of other tasks before they can be started.
  • 2

    to bring sth to completion terminar algo
    • the building is nearing completion falta poco para terminar el edificio
    • before noun completion date fecha de entrega
  • 3

    (of form, coupon)
    following completion of the form tras haber rellenado el impreso
  • 4British

    (in house purchases)
    formalización del contrato de compraventa
    • It will be based on data relating to 30,000 sales per month - a third of all mortgage completions - and will be by far the biggest survey ever released in Britain.
    • According to the selling agent, best efforts will be made for quick completions in order for investors to have sufficient time to let the units prior to April 5.
    • The monthly reports by Halifax and Nationwide are based on mortgage offers made by each company that month, rather than actual sales prices or completions.