Translation of complicate in Spanish:


complicar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑmpləˌkeɪt//ˈkɒmplɪkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (situation/subject) complicar
    don't complicate the issue! ¡no compliques las cosas!
    • There are a number of factors which complicate choices about smallpox either for governments or for individuals.
    • Other factors can also complicate the interpretation of estimates of percentage change.
    • Further complicating matters are factors such as range-wide variability in habitat conditions that can affect survival.
    • The assessment of quality of life in adolescents with asthma was complicated by several factors.
    • Today the situation is complicated by the fact that there's just so much out there.
    • Local factors complicated identities and made remoteness from the centre an unreliable guide to political complexion.
    • He needs a friend, not a girlfriend who will just complicate what's really important.
    • Additionally, the ability to detect this signature at a genomic level in the human lineage is complicated by other factors.
    • Sometimes I feel we try to complicate what's actually very simple.
    • Trends in the number of patients colonised on admission may also complicate interpretation of outcomes.
    • One of the factors complicating the adjustment of the Hmong people has been English language acquisition.
    • There are wide-ranging social and economic factors which complicate things.
    • The constant shift in mental posture greatly complicates things for the average soldier.
    • As I can see it, there are two factors that start to complicate the game, somewhat affecting its gameplay.
    • Proper land ownership documentation is another matter that is complicating the struggle.
    • Any potential sale has been complicated by the presence of bats, a protected species.
    • Why should my job be unnecessarily complicated by students with problems I can't solve?
    • The first factor complicating the fight against doping, he said, is the imperfect art of testing.
    • The relationship is complicated by the presence of heterochromatin.
    • Expecting your sons to exchange properties is unnecessarily complicating the issue.