Translation of comply in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kəmˈplʌɪ//kəmˈplaɪ/

intransitive verbcomplied, complies, complying

  • 1

    to comply (with sth)
    • to comply with a request acceder a una solicitud
    • to comply with an order cumplir / obedecer / acatar una orden
    • to comply with sb's instructions seguir las instrucciones de algn
    • to comply with the law acatar la ley
    • all machinery must comply with safety regulations toda la maquinaria debe cumplir con / llenar los requisitos de seguridad
    • she refused to comply se negó a acatar la orden (or a acceder a su deseo etc.)
    • The men claim they were not obliged to comply with requests that had not been lawfully issued following a board meeting.
    • One theory is that she may have refused to comply with his wishes, adding to his frustration.
    • Her family visited their cousin only in the winters, and complying with her wishes, I did not dare to follow her once she had left.
    • High risk clients were likely to attend the clinic on impulse but were unlikely to comply with a request for a repeat test.
    • The university has since claimed that it is unable to comply with the government request.
    • He also pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a notice requesting the removal of the waste within the specified time.
    • Passengers that refuse to comply with a request to disembark could face action from the airline.
    • Each group must argue their case and each must try to persuade the other to comply with its wishes.
    • Why would people comply with requests made to them, when they can say they will not give evidence?
    • Half an hour later I managed to force my eyes open to comply with his request.
    • The first to comply with their request will be awarded one of the numerous attractive spot prizes.
    • The staff were clear that they were not going to comply with his request.
    • Some of the reporters thought this was odd, and they didn't want to comply with his request.
    • If you are unable to comply with the notice by the above date then you should inform me of the reasons in writing as soon as possible.
    • I will take your failure to comply with this reasonable request as a refusal.
    • I am a firm believer that relatives should try to comply with the wishes of their loved ones.
    • They are expected to be obedient and comply with requests from adults immediately.
    • The government did not comply with the protestors' wishes in either case.
    • All they need do to escape it is to comply with and respect the law by reducing their speed.
    • Please provide us with your prompt written assurance that you will comply with this request.