Translation of composed in Spanish:


sereno, adj.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpoʊzd//kəmˈpəʊzd/


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    • Now he is much more collected and composed than he had been before.
    • ‘We blew it,’ raged the normally calm and composed British boss.
    • The guy had returned to his calm and composed state.
    • He had a calm, composed exterior, but inside, Kimberly knew that he was in anguish.
    • Stockdale held his head in horror afterwards but, revealingly, went on to produce the kind of composed and focused performance that has typified his impressive ten-match stint in the first team.
    • It seemed he couldn't find the person he was searching for because his expression fell and was replaced by a cold, composed look.
    • Alex took a deep breath and faced the teacher with a composed expression.
    • Consistent practice of this kind of imagery/simulation will help you stay calm, composed and strong through those tough spots.
    • ‘Yes, I understand that,’ he nodded, turning to face her again, his face composed and businesslike.
    • I am also a composed person and do not especially like risk - I prefer reliability to anything else.
    • The composed and rational side of their personality vanishes and is replaced by rage, aggression or whining.
    • But instead, she remained silent, calm, composed and unaffected.
    • Sol glanced around with composed indifference.
    • The voice was cold and hostile, asking the question in a composed yet commanding way.
    • Madeleine attempted no response at first, but the composed expression on her face was unwavering.
    • For a quiet, level-headed lad, who is usually so composed and unflappable on the pitch, the prospect is one that exhilarates.
    • She came as they always seemed to do, lovely and composed and unconcerned by the people who thronged about her stallion.
    • Perhaps what was most impressive was how such a young side remained so composed and confident throughout.