Translation of compost in Spanish:


abono orgánico, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɑmˌpoʊst//ˈkɒmpɒst/


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    abono orgánico masculine
    abono vegetal masculine
    compost masculine
    before noun compost heap / pile lugar donde se amontonan desechos para preparar abono
    • I watered the planting area for each one with several litres of water, then added some fresh compost.
    • Adding compost to heavy clay soil improves drainage by improving soil structure.
    • Amend soil regularly with compost and apply organic mulches continually to enrich your soil.
    • I recycle all my fruit and vegetable scraps to make compost for my garden.
    • If it's bad, mix 1 cubic foot of compost into the backfill.
    • Mulch in late winter with any organic material such as home-made compost, leaf mould or composted bark.
    • I dug big planting holes, though, and mixed large amounts of compost into the backfill.
    • They spread the compost before plowing in the spring.
    • Even a newbie to composting can make good quality compost.
    • Add a little compost to the soil and fork in lightly, mulch and water.
    • Place in a conservatory or warm greenhouse and keep the compost moist.
    • Making leaf mould is different to making general garden compost in that only the leaves are used.
    • Mulch with an organic material such as compost or alfalfa hay.
    • There is no fertilizer better than compost, and you can make it yourself for free!
    • My job was to add fresh compost to the rows to make them rich for planting.
    • Garden compost is not really suitable for this purpose because it contains weed seeds.
    • Place in a well-lit spot and keep the compost lightly moist.
    • Mix plenty of compost into the soil, or grow the trees in raised beds.
    • Even with Betty's method of making compost, some ingredients tend to smell.
    • For best performance amend the soil with organic matter such as compost before planting.

transitive verb

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    (make into compost)
    (grass) convertir en abono
  • 2

    (fertilize with compost)
    (garden) abonar