Translation of compulsory in Spanish:


obligatorio, adj.

Pronunciation /kəmˈpəlsəri//kəmˈpʌls(ə)ri/


  • 1

    (attendance) obligatorio
    (retirement/saving) forzoso
    compulsory education enseñanza obligatoria feminine
    • compulsory liquidation liquidación forzosa
    • Military service is still compulsory in Russia and men aged 18 serve two years.
    • If voting were not compulsory, masses of people would abstain.
    • Now belief was essential and attendance was compulsory, at least in theory.
    • The union fears that compulsory redundancies could be on the cards when the year-long change begins next April.
    • According to the RIAA, Rosen clearly stated that compulsory licensing is not a good idea.
    • The documents also make it clear that BA cannot guarantee that compulsory redundancies will not be imposed.
    • The group were worried about what their children were going to do once they had finished compulsory education.
    • The completion of a training programme is now one of the compulsory requirements of the scheme.
    • The literacy and numeracy strategies were not compulsory in primary schools.
    • Learning it should be compulsory for a driver's licence.
    • Any child subjected to compulsory schooling of any kind gets left behind intellectually.
    • All he had to look forward to in this country was death, a prison camp or compulsory military service.
    • What he can't do is to make attendance compulsory, or threaten that non-attendance will delay other qualifications.
    • Many parents believed that to give girls education beyond the compulsory age was a waste of money.
    • The ID card should be compulsory from the age of ten.
    • Upon completion of compulsory service each soldier is assigned to a reserve unit.
    • Britain is the only European Union state not to make a foreign language compulsory in primary school.
    • Education is free and compulsory between the ages of seven and thirteen.
    • Medical inspections for schoolchildren become compulsory by law.
    • They are making teachers attend a compulsory course to enhance their computer skills.