Translation of computational linguistics in Spanish:

computational linguistics

lingüística computacional, n.


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    lingüística computacional feminine
    • The problems encountered in computational linguistics, and the proposed solutions, have interesting implications for linguistic theory.
    • Between them, the five men can muster a formidable array of expertise in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, 3D graphics and marketing.
    • However, a more telling example of the limitations of computational linguistics and translation can be found in experimenting with Babelfish.
    • I've looked into what I could do about computational linguistics - back in Canada City, though.
    • Marvin has made many contributions to AI [Artificial Intelligence], cognitive psychology, mathematics, computational linguistics, robotics, and optics.
    • It's really very funny, at least for those who are familiar with recent work in computational linguistics and machine learning.
    • One is easy (easy enough, anyways): what grad schools are good for computational linguistics?
    • Her research in computational linguistics includes work in the areas of word-sense disambiguation and discourse analysis, where she has published numerous papers over the past 15 years.
    • The Irish Spell Checker has evolved over six years of research into computational linguistics.
    • Most projects these days with that sort of staff profile - computer science, mathematics, computational linguistics - tend to frame their goals in a less psychological terms.
    • So, while no one would deny that work in AI and computational linguistics has led to some very useful computer systems, the really fundamental lessons that were learned were not about computers but about ourselves.
    • The reasoning associated with discourse is the probably the least well understood area of computational linguistics.
    • What is notable about these advances in advertising and retailing software, though, is that the symbolic computational linguistics of the 1980s has contributed nothing to them.