Translation of computer science in Spanish:

computer science

informática, n.


  • 1

    informática feminine
    • He did the same to get his master's degree in computer science from James Madison University.
    • But what rational student would study computer science when there are no jobs to be had?
    • Mainly out of obligation to his parents, Neeson went to Queen's University in Belfast to study physics and computer science.
    • Starting with grade seven, education in computer science takes a more formal approach.
    • He was an electrical engineering student but emerged with a degree in computer science instead.
    • Born in Beijing, Weng studied computer science at the University of Texas.
    • He is going to five different colleges, trying to convince kids to study computer science.
    • After only six months, Chen was able to grasp the core technologies of electronics and computer science.
    • The facility will investigate computer science and the social context of technology.
    • To achieve this aim it draws on biology, biochemistry, engineering, mathematics and computer science.
    • Zhuang studied computer science at college for two years, but never had any real interest in the subject.
    • Adleman realized that the genetic code can be used, just like the binary code of computer science, to encode mathematical problems.
    • She will be graduating in May of 2005 with a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics.
    • Machine translation is at the confluence of linguistics and computer science.
    • I am probably one of the few people in the House with a degree in computer science and information technology.
    • Now there are more than 50 subjects available, including dance, gender studies and computer science.
    • It has yet to become a widely accepted core element of computer science or IT degree programs.
    • The moral of the story is that computer science is not the same as software development.
    • Is studying computer science the best way to prepare to be a programmer?
    • Turing's legacy as one of the founders of computer science cannot be overestimated.