Translation of conceptualize in Spanish:


formarse un concepto de, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈsɛptjʊəlʌɪz//kənˈsɛp(t)ʃ(u)əˌlaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (events/reality/experience) formarse un concepto de
    (events/experience/reality) conceptualizar
    • The goal is to conceptualize the two intellectual activities as synergistic with ideas emerging from one and vitalizing the other.
    • By conceptualising things you have an incredible freedom.
    • The idea of structuration provides a way of conceptualizing the relationship between mechanical and socially constructed systems.
    • This is certainly an odd idea if being able to consciously conceptualize pain and death minimizes the pain relative to not being able to conceptualized pain and death.
    • They were conceptualized as an imaginary solution to the social problems faced by young, working-class men.
    • Bronfenbrenner's revolutionary idea was to conceptualize human development as a nested series of influential factors.
    • In a culture which conceptualizes time as cyclic the idea of rebirth seems natural.
    • They were each involved in different aspects of making and conceptualising art, but their ideas were growing and shifting.
    • Although I am strictly adhering to the policy of no pre-writing, I have been conceptualizing my first post in my mind for days now.
    • By conceptualizing an artifact as a world, we can explore it as a space, story, or game, depending on its emphasis.
    • Specifically, the worrier must be able to envision, anticipate, or conceptualize future events.
    • Plenty of folks do not need to be conceptualizing their own holiday greetings.
    • Samit Ballal, who conceptualised the place, has conjured up the eclectic menu.
    • Smell is simply ignored, of no relevance to conceptualising the object, formulating the idea, giving objective knowledge.
    • In particular, the Iraqis, just like their elected leaders, seem to have problems conceptualizing the best constitutional structure for their nation.
    • Whereas with the second one, we really conceptualized it and had a pretty good idea of what we wanted to do.
    • We've batted around the same idea since 1990, when we first conceptualised a method to enhance the ability of a frail pensioner to remain in the family home for as long as possible.
    • To try to conceptualise a parallel situation in Australia, imagine Kerry Packer becoming our Prime Minister.
    • Students played a large part in planning the conference and conceptualizing its themes.
    • Although theoretically sound, Myers' behavior analytic approach to conceptualizing violent relationships has received little attention in the partner violence literature.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    formarse un concepto