Translation of concertina in Spanish:


concertina, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkɑnsərˈtinə//ˌkɒnsəˈtiːnə/


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    concertina feminine
    (pleats/file) (before noun) de fuelle
    (pleats/file) (before noun) de acordeón
    • We dug bunkers and trenches, filled sandbags and constructed multiple rows of triple concertina wire.
    • The toughest resistance in Homesh came at a religious seminary, where troops protected by shields used wire cutters to cut lengths of concertina wire that resisters had placed around the roof's perimeter.
    • The other two layers show angles of 50-60 deg as would be predicted by the hydrostatic skeleton model of internal concertina locomotion in caecilians.
    • The boot, with a 500-litre capacity, is a double-decker with a false floor, which can be folded, concertina style, to reveal a handy hideaway for valuable bits and pieces.
    • Power showers, concertina shower doors and glass shelving have been added to create maximum comfort.
    • The family room is on the right and has a bay window overlooking the front garden as well as a concertina door to the kitchen.
    • Two of them have automatic doors but the service elevator has concertina doors.
    • They set up concertina wire here around the perimeter area here.
    • It had a rattling concertina door that needed a sharp tug to close, mahogany panelling and a mirror so you could check yourself before knocking at one of the massive doors.
    • On a number of wards bathrooms were separated only by a small curtain or concertina door from the main ward.
    • Under a hazy sky, detainees rushed to the edge of concertina wire fences, their raggedy clothes flapping in the wind, many giving thumbs-down gestures to the convoy.
    • I'll spare you my own thoughts on the event itself; several miles and a lot of concertina wire separate me from that spot on the map.
    • It's a beautifully packaged CD, a box set with each disc coming in an minimalist envelope. the liner is eight pages, concertina style, mainly of pictures, mainly in bold colours, and then a dense list of credits.
    • Even the thin can't escape the waist/belly concertina effect that happens after a certain age when you sit down.
    • His eyes darted nervously back and forth between the protesters and the tense-looking Marines inside the cordon of concertina wire.
    • Multiple section bindings sewn directly into covers, onto concertina pleats and strap supports will extend ideas beyond the pamphlet.
    • A simple single-storey pavilion is enclosed by folded concertina walls and roof, prompting irresistible comparisons with origami.
    • Her striking red concertina skirts may have been for show, but they certainly added pizazz to the latter part of her collection.
    • Gas build-up in front of a possible blockage within the bowel, concertina bowel (string foreign body) or ground glass appearance on x-ray indicating ruptured bowel are among the signs that can give the vet clues.
    • Because we were in the open without any facilities around, the detainees were temporarily being held on a patch of desert closed off by concertina wire.

intransitive verb

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    aplastarse como un acordeón