Translation of conchie in Spanish:


objetor de conciencia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɑn(t)ʃi//ˈkɒnʃi/

nounPlural conchies

derogatory, slang

  • 1

    objetor de conciencia masculine
    objetora de conciencia feminine
    • In that period, there was huge public hostility to the conchies (conscientious objectors), who had refused to fight.
    • That the "conchies" suffered ridicule and injustice cannot be denied.
    • Any book about conchies is likely to contain some diverting tales.
    • A few years ago, the historian Andrew Roberts earned my undying contempt by alleging, on live national radio, that I was the ‘kind of person who'd have been a conchie’ in the Second World War.
    • "Conchies" already employed by the government have been denied promotion.