Translation of conclave in Spanish:


cónclave, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkɒŋkleɪv//ˈkɑnˌkleɪv/


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    cónclave masculine
    in conclave en cónclave
    • Unvarnished first impressions can rapidly get turned on their head if the tide of opinion in these writerly conclaves runs too hard against them.
    • It came on the eve of a meeting of the G20-a conclave of developed and developing nations - in Berlin at which the recent fall in the dollar was a hot topic.
    • Today's chief executive participates in recurring summit conclaves of world leaders and in recurring bilateral conferences, one on one, with other presidents-from Russia to El Salvador.
    • But it will be China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, the Arab world, and Turkey that the U.S. will have to huddle with most earnestly at important international conclaves - not Europe.
    • While gestures like holding the conclave of Congress chief ministers and a golf tournament will help, much more needs to be done to change the mindset of the people inside and outside Kashmir.
    • The qualitative difference is that there's no effort, no intention to ‘shut down’ the Democratic conclave.
    • The fact is that something remarkable has happened - the Iraqis are talking in conclaves of issues that have not been addressed for 50 years.
    • With the single exception of Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election convention in Chicago, these national Democratic conclaves have always been fraught with peril.
    • Unless the BJP has a change of heart after its Goa conclave, the Prime Minister must expect unmitigated hostility from the main Opposition party.
    • And so, a national conclave on weather prediction, held in Kochi became a closely guarded affair.
    • When Gancie went to the national fire chiefs' conclaves in other cities, he was treated like a movie star.
    • Knowing the age of coalition was here to stay, she declared at a conclave in Shimla that the Congress would form alliance with like-minded parties for the Lok Sabha polls and that the leader of the alliance would be chosen after the polls.
    • While academic historians find time and money to meet in conclaves of complaint about lack of funding and their poverty of research opportunities, a private citizen simply puts his head down and gets on with the job.
    • But these have been mostly confined to technical conclaves.
    • The ‘Grass to Gold Jewellery Convention’ is perhaps the first conclave of its kind ever held in Asia presenting the culture of jewellery in all its facets.
    • It channels the testosterone of power into secret conclaves and pacts.
    • As a conclave of low-paid people with government guaranteed paychecks, military bases are natural targets for the predatory lending practices of payday loan companies.
    • Edwards's name is blacked out, but the text makes clear that the meeting can be none other than the Helms-Edwards conclave that Kissinger and others alluded to.
    • Mr Vajpayee's exhortation to his partymen to keep the NDA intact might also have an impact on the conclave when it arrived at the 10-point conclusions.
    • It is unfortunate that the annual conclave of the International Monetary Fund was cancelled, as it could have been used to broaden and reinforce support for the multilateral strategy.