Translation of concoct in Spanish:


preparar, v.

Pronunciation /kənˈkɑkt//kənˈkɒkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put together)
    (drink/meal) preparar
    he concocted a delicious dish in no time at all improvisó un plato delicioso en un momento
    • You get home and the last thing on your mind is concocting a lavish meal for two or three or however many of your children deign to put in an appearance for this meal!
    • Or concocting side dishes that deserve to accompany such wonderful beef, carried by waiters with focus and peripheral vision?
    • She makes a dish she concocted by pouring soup on chicken thighs.
    • A dedicated host concocts a new dish for a party.
    • Now the couple are employing a chef to concoct pre-packaged meals and light lunches using home-grown ingredients.
    • She'd send me back to the shop if something wasn't good enough, and leftovers were used to concoct the next meal - everything from new pasta fillings to tortas.
    • As they get older they leave their parents alone, and rummage through the kitchen to concoct their own breakfasts.
    • The woman who came from the village to bring his evening meal had concocted the most revolting stew.
    • Both of them were wrong, and to prove it the APO had concocted a meal with a Brahms symphony as the first course and some gourmet Wagner items in the second.
    • Not that this is a hastily concocted dish; the Agen prunes topping it have been soaked in brandy for well over a year.
    • I grabbed a value meal, concocted Joey's special red Fanta and Coke drink and made my way to the station.
    • Students concoct such dishes as East Asian noodles with coconut rice balls.
    • I now spend most nights foraging the refrigerator and the cupboards for ingredients to concoct something he would like.
    • And the food completes the picture; former Ritz chef Maurice Guillouet concocts mouth-watering dishes as gorgeous as the designer-dressed diners who order them.
    • The proof is in some of the dishes concocted by Marshall.
    • Extracts posted today, seen in advance by the Guardian, reveal her worrying over forgetting to eat while campaigning and struggling to concoct meals for her children, and having to buy suits to look presentable.
    • They offer to concoct an authentic supper of refried beans and chorizo omelette.
    • Because of that ritual, Diane loves concocting pasta suppers.
    • Students raid the fridge of the week's leftovers and concoct an elaborate meal, inviting over friends and family.
    • It delineates formulas for medicines and identifies the plant, animal, and mineral ingredients needed to concoct them.
  • 2

    (alibi/story/excuse) inventarse
    (plan) tramar
    • Don't waste their time concocting some stupid story - your bikes weren't stolen and you weren't waiting for his mom to take you to the library.
    • This leads us to, probably, the most interesting question: why has this story been concocted and so prominently displayed?
    • We all live by concocting stories, myths, images of the world.
    • He concocts a story of appointments with the council and market inspectors.
    • Mrs Dawson doesn't want Mary learning the ‘filthy truth’ of her conception, and concocts a story about her granddaughter's father being a war hero killed in action.
    • I believe there was a much more serious attempt to pervert the course of justice by concocting a story that shifted the blame to Mr Whittle.
    • Officers working on Operation Impact have uncovered dozens of cases of people concocting stories of crime.
    • Finkel is a US journalist who was fired from the New York Times in 2002 after concocting a story for that newspaper's magazine section.
    • Mr Wheeler spent two months behind bars before detectives discovered she had concocted the story.
    • They fool the simple folk by concocting exciting stories about their receiving messages from the Jinn.
    • While Kate was downstairs devising her little plot to surprise her parents, Cameron was upstairs concocting a plan of his own.
    • I do not conclude that that delay undermines their credibility or supports the proposition that they are concocting a story.
    • Allowing detainees to talk may give them a chance to create and coordinate alibis and to corroborate or concoct stories to frustrate questioning attempts.
    • If Sarah can imagine and concoct a story like that, she needs to be at Random House.
    • The Gardaí were arrested on Saturday morning and questioned about concocting a story in order to aid a fellow Garda who is facing firearms charges.
    • Hernandez confessed to the police that he concocted the entire story as he desperately needs money to support his pregnant girlfriend.
    • She would concoct stories in her brain about each picture, the plot taking her wherever it may.
    • Amanda concocts a story to tell Sebastian to ask Helena for the money and in turn Sebastian comes up with a story of his own when asking for the money.
    • On cross-examination he denied concocting the story.
    • Neither of us could summon up the interest even to attempt concocting a cunning plan for our next assault on a region of France.