Translation of concomitant in Spanish:


concomitante, adj.

Pronunciation: /kənˈkɑmədənt//kənˈkɒmɪt(ə)nt/


  • 1formal

    concomitante formal


  • 1formal

    fenómeno concomitante masculine formal
    • There is, naturally, some concomitant friction in the house, and distress.
    • One concern she has is that the increased stress on the rights of citizens creates a perception that foreign powers have a duty or concomitant right to uphold them.
    • Nor have changes in policy and orientation been accompanied by concomitant changes in legislation.
    • Host factors, such as age, disease severity, concomitant drugs, and disease etiology, can affect responses.
    • The only way intelligent futures are to be realised is by ensuring that influence in one sphere does not mean concomitant influence in other spheres.
    • A presumptive diagnosis can be made quickly based on symptoms and concomitant laboratory results.
    • Gone is the image of haunted faces, enslaved to drug-addiction and the many vices concomitant with this curse.
    • They are often associated with inhalational injury and other concomitant trauma.
    • It has been argued that sputum eosinophilia is related to concomitant features of asthma.
    • Romanticism and the political reforms concomitant with liberal thought changed this situation to some extent.
    • The questions also related to smoking habits, medication, and concomitant disease.
    • In common with many other provincial towns in the Republic, there has been a heavy emphasis on housing, with little concomitant amenity provision.
    • For example, concomitant complaints of limb weakness suggest the presence of neurologic or connective tissue disease.
    • The expression of this gene is associated with concomitant changes in cysteine protease activity of the petals.
    • One of the central clinical problems in the older alcoholic is the potential for addiction and concomitant withdrawal symptoms.
    • Well, yes, it is, but there is no concomitant responsibility to the audience when something gets popular.
    • Botulinum toxin, however, appears to be the catalyst and the cornerstone of any combination or concomitant treatments.
    • No cases of concomitant AIDS and TB were found in autopsy files before 1985.
    • Valerian also inhibits the enzyme-induced breakdown of GABA in the brain, with concomitant sedation.
    • Suicidal acts are generally associated with a significant acute crisis in the teenager's life and may also involve concomitant depression.